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456 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. H. Ch. 355. 1912. ,,°P°,,“‘} I”‘”*“'°" nmg` Indian reservati (reimbursable): To meet the ex nses www to the 0 got? entry and settlement of such iiiidian reservation lands as m ed during the fiscal year mneteen 1,_'{.';;,f{°`ir_Emen,_ hundred and thirteen: , That the_ex?enses pertaimng to the -·¤ms..l°]‘ 6::**0* ¤:.i.·*,d*°¤·**m.# ·:r*n‘*S°*.:;%*;¥ ms zppnm tio reim m ta om the mone reegived gon; the sale of the lands embraced in said reservation; t1v , 20,000. §'}*j‘;‘}*;;¤g um mxcamiugtion of Califomia lieu selection: To enable the Commis- 1s¤¤¤¤1•>¤¤<>¤s sioner of the General Land Oiiiee to make field examinations of selected lieu lands in the State of California and to adjudicate the §"u°'§,g¤ wxmm same in the General Land Omoo, $2§,000: Provided, That agents or ssc. others employed or detailed under this appropriation shall be allowed EI diem, subject tosuch rules and regulations as the Secretary of the sstenordxjnay pcrlescnge, 11: 15m of subsistence, at afrate not exceeding _ ij y ea an sac u necessary expenses on transportation, mcliieding necessary sleeping-car fares. - swvqhg `BURVEYING =¤; PUBLIC LANDB. E“’“"" Forsurveysandresurveysof blil ds d the " f . the Commissioner of the Geueigdll ;.d_ dir·:cIt1?d1:mdi)ntli)e mmsms. Secretary of the Interior, $700 000: _Promded, 'lfhat m expanding this appmnation preference shall, be given, first, m favor of surve ` vol umm tow psoccupied, in whole or mgtrt, by actual settlers and § ‘ M lands to the Statesupcy approved February twenty- V<*·¤·¤>¤ ·¤~ seeon ,_ eighteen hundred _ enghiy-nine, and the Acts approved ·3:*.,.¥.*g*¤.:.$*.;:·:.i·:.*:t;#.·;*w·*~¤¤ -::·*.:m·;..,.··**·::x;,s mu as ron r States and 'lterritories and such igidemnity lands as the severglsgtstes and 'lerntorxes may be entitled to m lieu of lands granted them for §·duS¢;a;;1é>nrzlmalr’nl)'§0nu yvhiglh may ha;e been sold or included 0 0 erwise sposed , millgrants and other surveys shall inclu e lands) adgncgeld to °9i?|1l%..1`dg

 lands deemed advisable to survey on account of availazgiility for

compemmonw irrigation or dry farming, lines of reservations, and lands within ,,,,,0,, boutndgnes px; forest reservations. 'l`he surveys and resurveys to be $2y°sxZti“ .t 23‘3tp°c2ii‘.°ps“¤“.’.`3‘i¥,'§’?.§€ £3aSi'i.'°“‘£§¥§0°‘ “‘° “2‘i.“°‘ » , r m ,§‘;F’°"*°°" °' ""` lsgpgxtg 1p5:sg'¤h•;z°<;::lc¢;pt that the Secrntary of this liiterigl ms; wo supervisors - tion shall notaexceed $250 per month eac(h, iliilgziscegt qizetggulhpstlrigt n{1Al?ika, vihere a compenlsatioln not exceeding $10 per day may be _ ow suc surve_orsan suc rdi all ,' l`

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_ mm on, mc u necessary eep' -car fares e __ M , said per diem and traveling to bg an ’ mg m' M I _ employed hereunder and to siigliiecxlzgsks who areogtyeiiiipzelgnq Zliiizgyeiirrg · who maibe detailed to make surveys, resurveys, or examinationhof mm., md surveys eretofore made and reported to be defective or .1..s.,...;.i2°"‘ nad deposits, coal iislds, and timber disftigildttisldgliti 0r__,ysu eomtet ’ Bmnm examination of unaccepted clsrintrlgctzxiayyglhemmiorgliiiiaiilia snld-vcyzli ggg13g1Z;7B gpins as may be required for identificstiozn ,..:,·::,¤,:.··..·:*= ’·* ·* of sis Ummiismeu P» t°·lhi.`i1i1$¤£$.i°:?ii.1.iZg¤2ssdb°h°lf;¤§ ten pler centum of the amount ereb appro riated may be expende . (ly t o Commissioner of the Genera? Land gilioe with the a ro al lg15yS33Fr$)¤i;yn;>f the Interior, for the purchase of metal dipofficr aimmver pnwticagiénments to be used for public-land survey comers