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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 355. 1912. 457 For tem ora employent of clerks for the u ose of b ` u T°*¤¤°’•¤'Y °l°*’*¤ ams of .€...k'i%0¤‘€h3£2t¤m of .m..,s rn ·§..é.".m..r r.£.'$§.,.§Z ···· *·**·"··°‘···":·· Four clerks, at the rate of $1,200 per annum each; three clerks, at the rate of $1,000 fper annum each; two copyists, at the rate of $900 per annum each; our copgists, at the rate of $720 per annum each; 1n all, $10,920, or so muc thereof as may be necessa§y. _ Completing field notes of survgys in Minnesota and orth Dakota: N§{$,{"§§§‘{,{Q f,§‘,,fi To complete the d eld-note wntirrgkpertaining to the P1°¤¤¤·’¤°‘d ¤°*¤· ` surveys rn the States of lt esota and North Da ota cause by the gisgontinuance of the offices of the surveyors general in those States, t -.‘ 20. F or necessary expenses of survey, a raisal, and sale of abandoned ,,§f.$§§l,§§Efl“‘““” military reservations transferred to theldontrol of the Secretary of the I Interior under the dprovisrons of an Act of Congress approved July `°l‘z**"'°°‘ ` fifth, eighteen hun ed and eighty-four, and any law prior thereto, including a custodian of the rum of Casa Grande, $10,000. . °‘“G”°°°‘ The Secretary of the Interior is authorized and directed, at the ¤{*,{§;,_ earliest Fpracticable date, to make a survey of the sewer system of the ersynm ' city of ot Springs, abutting the Hot Springs Reservation, Arkansas, and to (prepare plans and estunate of the cost of increasing the present · storm ramage system as well as the present sanit sewer system of the city of Hot Springs, the trgport of survey, inacilirding estimate of cost of the work, to be submit to Congress as soon as practicable coumbuumby H0, after the first day of December, nineteen undred and twelve. The spi-rags expenses incurred hereunder shall not exceed $10,000; one-half of such expenses shall be paid out of the revenues derived from privileges and otherwise on the Hot Reservation, and the other half shall be paid by the city of ot Springs, Arkansas. _ umran srarss eaonoercar. smzvrrr. °°°l°"°'”"”°" Ofhce of the Director of the Geological Survey: For director, iii;3i>i.em. $6,000; chief clerk, $2,500; chief disbursrng clerk, $2,500; librarian, $2,000 ; photographer, $2,000; assistant photographers—one at $900, one at $720; clerks—one of class two, three 0 class one, one at $1,000, four at $900 each; four copyists, at $720 each; watchmen——- one at $840, four at $720 each; janitor, $600; four_ messenger boys, at $480 each; in all, $35,340; _ Sci tm mimnu Scientific assistants of the Geological Survey: For geolog1sts—two °" ° at $4,000 each, one at $3,000, one at $2,700; two palconto ogrsts, at $2,000 each; one chemist, $3,000; geog·raphers—one at $2,700, one at $2,500· two topogra hers, at $2,000 each; rn all, $29,900; _ _ General expenses of the Geological Survey: For everyl ezipendrture E:E°*;?,g9_ requisite for and incident to the authorized work of the eologrcal ' Survey, including personal services in the District of Columbia and in the field, to be expended under the regulations from time to time prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior, and under the following reads, name y: _ _ wuedhbonn ew 3 Fcéréopay of skilled laborers and various temporary employees, ‘ ‘ 20. ; For topographic surveys in various portions of the United States, ,.§‘§?°‘“°m° '"' $350*000; . Geologic surveys. For geologic surveys in the various portions of the United States, $300:000; Alaska mineral re- For continuation of the investigation of the mineral resources of mma. Alaska, $90,000; _ Chcmm, nm, phy, For chemical and physical researches relating to the geology of me z.-rz meueaes Yuitcd States, including researches with a view of determ1n1ng geological conditions favorable to the presence of deposits of potash salts, $40,000: