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4:58 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912. m¤¤**°¤¤ For the preparation of the illustrations of the Geological Survey, $l8,280· . 4 ..=Ll°"' '°'"“”°’ For the preparation of the report of the mineral resources of the ` wmrmwy United States, $75,000; _ _ " ·U 1Y€§f§?.% .°.§ii'.‘§-°°é2Z23“° ’ ""‘.1£i‘L'.l"’l’I.l’I “‘3 m ves ergro rre an artesian_wells,’ and the preparation of reports upon the best methods ¤·····=~····~ °f§°`hz€1.l°§°h° rm ZiS°m°°’ $150bi:)lgi sor at library ‘ creat; or purchase necessary _ e m directories and prpfedqnal and scierrtrfictlperiodicals needed for sta-

   payment in a vance for subscriptions to

pu ca ns, , · . ’“" For engraving' and rioting the geolo `c ma $110 000· ”‘°°"" ‘°‘“‘ "“` For continuation ol, the to phicgsurvegiof tlie riblic lands Nu. P

_;at0i)1•ave been or may h be designated as national forests,

5. ; In all, for the United States Geological Survey, $1,295,520. f """"°"“°°* · Burman or umass. ‘ “d\I'iQIl'ld§2¥IE1‘Il F the ard B . I . th ~ ‘YJ:‘*: ·». of fii .a.¥;?.. JJ a...°“’°..°m..¥g,· 22mm, s2°.t£,‘°.`£“f aa? EEZ pmeesmtheofficeatYYashingten, Districtofoolumbia, aridin the , and for eveiyimother expense requisite for and incident to the 5:nar·a.l_work Bureau of Mines in Washington, District of _ Italie bgoexpended under the direction of the Invssugaungmiuc N . . . * 1 ; .‘ .. expresses. For the mvestrgatron as to the causes of mme losrons, thods of minmg, xeeially in relation to the safety oixriliners, thI:cappli— ances best pted to prevent accidents, the possible improvement of conditions under mining operations are carried on, the use of erplosrvezmtglclgelletituerty, tlgtpreventron of accidentsthand other in umes an o ogrc mv rgatrons pertment to e mining · mdust , $320,000; '1'¤¤¤•f¤¤¤•· for gre analysing and testing of the coals, liinites, ores, and other m.1neraI_fuel substances belonging to or for e use of the United States, mcludrng personal services in the Bureau of Mines at Washrngton, District o Columbia, not in excess of the‘nr1mber and total plomsléngatirzintof lthosplgg &%ployed druing the fiscal year nineteen tm ID we ve, ; _{§,‘},‘j‘§,.°f‘ '°"""""’ For inquiries and investigations into the mining and treatment of ores and other mineral substances, with special reference to safety Q°""“°e,,,,,;_,_,,,,_ iand_was:e, :150,000:bf1r;\>lfmd?d, That_no part thereof pusy be used or mves on m 0 t thereof belgdsed for work authaoliillteldndr? rz Prililiteyd bwrldw abi; dm"; by any other branch of the public service. q y to one AER:. ""°°°°°"' ger 0110 imrgector for duty in Alaska, $3,000; or r ern, su t t h rul d 1 Seem. my ..l’°a..’.‘?..°.,. °r‘Z§‘.‘i.ib.. ‘?2.“t‘6u'§¥`;3£§.’."“ '§."‘° . P » ten at a rate netexceeding $5 per day when absent on official business from his

 h6;;l;; d for actual necessary traveling expenses

,,,,,,,_,m_ F tmpwwhni , d _ éirecessary s eepmricar fares, QW; rd or sl caaélo scrmt c books and pu lrcatrons an books of Headquarters for ’ ¤ 1 - na. mms em. For theprrrchase or lease of the 1 4 hm-, lm; such conditions as the_ Secretary gfu:1i§s8Ihl`Zn:;lm;;· direct fm; mm. headquarters of five mme·rescue cars and for the constructidn of the

,§§°"""°° °’ ¤¤¤¤¤¤•l’,Y nilwa{usidings on the same, $4,000
Provided, That the

Secretullglthe tenor is hereby authorized to accept any suitable land or that may be donated for said purpose. · In all, for the Bureau of Mines, $583,100.