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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sm!. I. Cus. 31-33. 1911. 25 ss°¥e.?%;;£.%t%€.?.“o%T.F;?°»??.‘é;¥."ts“;d“»s“2“os““‘é? .‘§.‘.?:'.£‘.$.S""‘ *%%+*3* su N sa. Be it enactedbythsS¢nateoa¤dH'ouseo Repreuntatn?veaof the United [Pu c` 0. 1 States of Americain That the consent of Con ss aut: g,'°"n§'I°;• is hereby ted to the ° City and Iake Snqizrior Chem- Buncrlor °i;•nuy ny, a ra§ll::y corporation orgamxed under the ws of the tate of ggwxzimiilfiafii wisconsin its successors and assigns, to build a railroad bridge across '§.,°,‘};**(§6¤,f{;°i;,n';_’j° the Saint Croix River from a point suitable to the interestsof navigation ' on the south bank of said river in the vicinity of the section line beotgeen sscgoigoive :11%% six, fort%nortl;1,h rangrehseivsnlieen; w un nsm a m on e no n 0 said river in the ofmtbge sedtion Hnp: between sections five and six;;,township:`1<:;ty no th gauge seventeerpvghestgn Pin; Tang vol 34 P M so inaccor cewi e rovisionso e cten' n "‘

 the coasltsiction of   over (pavigable waters,” approved

twenty- nineteen un an six. Sec. 2. That the iight to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby ‘*"‘°”°""""* expressly reserved. Approved, August 19, 1911. cnn. sa.-as as: To increase me umu or cost of me public bonding mum- ·*§°;{ ¥g.,’f}· Be it enactedbytfie AS'enatea••dE0uscqfBopn¤sa•l<zta%:asqfttio United States of Am¢rica in Oongrus assembled, That the limit of cost fixed by mg the Act of Congress approved June twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and °' *"' ten, for the erection and completion of a suitable building, including Vol. s¤.1>· M iireprioof wgaultal, heating (iind ventiyltigg appatiiatug :1:31 aéitppoaches, com ets., e use an accomm 'on 0 e ni es post oilicg and other vernmental offices at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, be, and the same is Egreby, increased from one undred thousand dollars to one hundred and seventeen thousand dollars. Approved, August 19, 1911. of .¤..1.°§’.. ..."§‘a$§¥ $2 *%.3 5&i.i¥.$§t{§d.¤..§}?.§§£€.‘Ji.`?.‘i.‘*s’£.{.°.Z.‘£L'Z.i$2{ "`E¥i?‘¤?$··i·ii’ in Congrem are electcd" and, extending the same to candidates for nomination and [y¤y,uc_ Nm ¤_] election to the omces of Representative and Senator in the Congrem oi the United States and the amount of campaign expenses. Be it enacted by the Senate and House Representation of the United Sides 7 America in Oegggrzss assnnblcd? That sections nve, six, and coglgggdzgiawuual eight p an'Act cntitl "An Act roviding for publicity of con- __Yo1.•¤. it ¤. M. tnbutions made for the purpose ofpmiluencing elections at which Representatives in Congress srs elected," approved June twenty-fifth, nmgteeiplhmdred and ten, be, and the same are hereby, amended to rea as 0 owe: " SBU. 5. That the treasurer of every such political committee shall, ,, ,,{§n{',2 D0$ IPOFG than fifteen days and not less than ten days next before an Egg: M ¤¢w•¤¤· election at which Reg-lresentatives in Corriess are to be elected in Evo or uzortg Sutes,We in the oi'riDc; of efCl(§-gr oi the 95 ¤¤'°¤°'°°'*'°'* -epresens.vest ashmg' ton, `trito umiawi sax Cilgk, antiitemigsa detailed statement; aiigacilnéach sigtli thine- ¤u§1§¥£mZi“€...?;.2°.'i°5‘.{';*§‘.id”§€Zi.Y’§§§¤2. Emi X?Z.s£m.§.2¤¤3 ·=·»~·········-··· sh coniorm to the requirements of the following section of this Act, uw?} that t·he supplemental statement herein required need not contain any 1t.em'0f which publicity is givenlin a previous statement.