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26 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cir. 33. 1911. Each of said statements shall be full and complete, and shall be signed and sworn to by said treasurer. _ _ Mm ¤1¤¤¢i<>¤¤- "It shall also be the duty of said treasurer to file a_s1m1lar statement with said Clerk within thirty days after such electron, such final statement also to be signed and sworn to by said treasurer and to P¤>s¢m¤i¤¤¤¤<¤¤· conform to the re uirements of the following section of this Act. °°°°"°°‘ The statements so filed with the Clerk of the House shall be preserved by him for fgteenurripnths and shrill be a part of the public records of lus office an sha e open to pu rc ins ection. _ ¤>¤¤¤·¤¤- "SEc. 6. Tlhat the statements requiredp by the preceding section of this Act sha state: °f¤£g;¤b¤,§g;¤¤· em. "First. The name and address of each person, Erm, association, or '°r °` committee who or which has contributed, promised, loaned, or advanced to such political committee, or any officer, member, or agent thereof, either in one or mor? itemls, mdoneydorh its equivalent og tge aggregate amount or value 0 one_ un ed dollars or more an the amount or sum contributed, prom1sed,_loaned, or advancedyby each. Lessthan8100. "Second. The aggregate sum contrrbuted, promised, loaned, or advanced to such political committee, or to any officer, member, or agent thereof, in amounts of less than one hundred dollars. rem mount re "Third. The total sum of all contributions, romises, loans, and eeived · · · · P ‘ advances Encerved by such pohtrcal committee or any officer, member, or agent thereof. ,,§`;{’}fQ;g '“"'1° °‘ "Fourth. The nlame andhaddlressalof each person, firm, association, or committee to w om suc po 'tic committee or an officer member, or agent thereof, has distributed, disbursed; contributed, loaned, advance , or lpronpsed alnyl sum of money or its equivalent of the amount or va ue o ten dollars or more stating the amount or sum distributed, disbursed, contributed, loaned, advanced, or romised to P each, and the purpose thereof. I·°”“"‘” *1**- 1 "F§fth.dThe aiggregate surnl gistribilrted,1 disliursed, contributed, oane a vance or pronnse y suc o itica committee or an officer; member, cir agent thereof, where tlhe amount or value of sucli , distribution, disbursement, loan, advance, or promise to any one aersop, association, or committee rn one or more items is less ian en dollars. "`°‘“"“”"“”""'”°‘*· "Sixth. The total sum disbursed, distributed, contributed, loaned, advarliced, or promised hy, such political committee, or any officer, mem er or a ent t iereo . p,,*Q_“_,§s‘jf,§$,’§§?“’°" _ "Sec.’8. Tliat anv_ person may in connection with such election vox. as, p. au, incur and pay from his own private funds for the purpose of influenc-

  • ""°“"°"· ing_ or controlling, in two or more States, the resu ts of an election at
3i;’e;t1ves to the; Congress of tix; ?nitg1dnSts;tes are

_ ec ary persona expenses or rav g or s a- fgoneryl and postalge, and for telegripSh§.nd,telephone service without _ _ erng su ject to the provisions o t ct. N"' *"°"“‘°“”· Sec. 2, That section eiggt, as above amended, and sections nine and ten of said act renum red as sections nine, ten, and eleven, and that ta newdsectirog be inserted after section seven of the said original ac o rea as o ows:

‘?;';§,‘;“g§·,;m_ JSec. 8. The word ‘candidate’ as used in this section shall include

all persons whose names are presented for nomination for Representative or Senator in the Congress of the United States at any primary electron or nominating convention, or for indorsement or election at any general or special electron held m connection with the nomination or election of a person to iill such office, whether or not such persons Repréeuumm are‘ actually nommated, mdorsed, or elected. _ · si.m..¢m,rmm _ Every person who shall be a candidate for nomination at any

,“,,‘}*dg,°§;{°g§m,§g primary electrorél agri npmmating converition, or fplr egection at any

em. _ enera or speci ec ron as epresen atrye in the o of the m¥y°§;°°,,°§0m_h°l°”em°Y" Tlmted States, shall, not less than ten nor more than n days