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488 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 355, 356. 1912. issued by a court with jurisdiction to naturalize aliens, but shall not be by this Act further validated or l .

  • '*gc·*•¤°°•°¤*°‘· Sec. 10. That section eight of trict of Columbia ap1propria—
i:l<:l 0% $1- tion Act, approved June twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred an twelve,

‘“‘·"‘“ ¥}‘uT.".t%%°.Ld°m°“Im”° Th *’° ‘Z’!;?‘t'£‘Z$`L1‘1‘gr¤}.i2°i£l§,°,2'i.¥&'s ?.’2°‘Z°“ ment of membership fees or dues in societies or associations: ¥’r%— mm,. ,,,,,0,,,, vided, That during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen

l‘¤*§ *¤<=¤*· eipenses of tialgten ance ozoiliegrs or ebrlmployees of .thetGovemment

a an mee orconven onomem rs an some eeeoeietion shall be incurred only on the written siiithoiiity andydiriection of the heads of executive departments or other Government establishbitmap ca can- ments or the Government of the District of Columbia; and a detailed "" ¤D,;:“¤“2L;m*¤°";*:“.{~m.r“r“¤.1,*“’r“:;*.:d¤*“ , mne an w t to ar-¤•m••» , , sum¤ m t t mes' f °··s::r*::¤r·=;.‘z°‘.21~ Jem me “t2£‘°°;°@ g Erm- "’“"‘°‘ officers and employees of tl1l;PG<i;r¢i·rnmenb1ishal1 be inoflull for sugh salariesforthe£scal_yearnineteenhundredandthirteen,andall lawsorpartsoflaws1ncon£ictwiththepmvki¤nsofthisActare Approved, August 24, 1912. A? uu- GH.AP.858.—AnAct'l‘ amend dw,.

 entitled "AnAqttoame:d•(i1dco·=p Aetp ’:{pp·:.oAv:lf

¤T·y·· I 1zeama¤qty_u»seaetnaHm¢ 12 preaenterei at U eu: vi!. mu! "' I"' S'ta¢es0fAmerica1n Oongrgu as.mnbled,%halsec1:ionsl,i:‘e:{1even:b and Xweéigy-five of the Act_ent1tled “An A3 to amerid and consolidate the c copyngh " rov ur-th ’ of dreegan 5n1n thamendl? to·1?e;ld as follows: 0 nmewm lumul •r"¤c.. ea'ti ’sh ‘ whlq v.; ;_ ,, me, gil the following clause}; ctheoaogkrgxgmivphitdhumggilghczdg """'“""· o : " ESB Books, including composite and cyclopedic works, directories gaze(ti,t;se{’s, and other eglom nations; ' " eriodmaIe° , in · " (c) Lectures, se1m01i)s£:§d!i·gs‘l•28E>(i·r•?,ared for oral deli )· " (d) Dramatic or cgmpositionr very ’ " gg slgusical compositiom; ’ (I " Works of art; od is d$1gD8. I · " Reprpductiomlzf aewogk of arti or work, of mi Z eg-, plastic works of s scnentiiic or technical chanoter . ¤v ; ’ " )Pnnts•.nd rctorialill trat' · -:'0$l¤¤ lIl¤¥¤!¢I. u Ions! " _ on picture o photoplays: """’·,,,,,_,,, "Prvmde¤nevcrIhducThatthe be speeiii ‘ ¤:¥*¤&“•¤ M mtg: subE'e¢;11;x•tter as dqi1°¤iJ¤Y1f]it%oi¤°i¤$ thowp _,t to _¤ error cd cauoniiavahdateorrmpair ,,,,,,"°'*',,,,”,§*,,_""° “S¤¤· ll- That copyright ma;m¤.l;. bll1:l5a.cdt·0f the works of an __Y;&d*· P W author which copraare not reproduced for sale b the d ‘ with claim oioopynght, of one l ln y ° Ppomv lecture _ _ _ cornsrete copy of suc work 1f it be a — _ or production or a amatic, musical, or dramaticox••¤•¤ teen-., m"°*1 °°“’P°"*·‘°“¥ °f 9 We wd d¤¤¤1'iP¢i¤1{, with one print taken ea. una. from end: •¤ene_or apt, the work be a motion-pxcture photoplay· N • Ph0@¤¢r•plue prmt if the work be a photograph; of a title and