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SIXTY·SEOOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 355. 1912. 487 accumulate period of the construction of the Isthmian Canal; and he is ected to carefully preserve properly index and arrange for use all papers needed or useful in the transaction of current usmess or_ having a permanent value or historical interest; and he rs authorized to destroy or otherwise of du lications m the files andeother papers which are not n ed or usefirl in the transaction of current business and have no permanent value or historical interest and which have been recommended to him for destruction or other disposition by a committee of three competent persons who have personally examined the pers and in connection with their recommendation have submittedma concise statement of the condition and character thereof. . sm. 6. Hmtrm nm nan be surnam, as no mus Book of ...§*:,‘:*,f.:f',,..£°:..}.‘;“* Estimates, following every estimate for a general or lump sum appro- qL§j;g°“°¤" *°· priation which exceeds $250,000 in amount, a statement showing in ` paiiiuel %umS:ber r sr tended be 1 4 “*·°·"·°°* °' ·* ust, e num o ersons, any in to em o ed an (umu contain: the rates of compensatign to each, and the amounts conteihplated to We be c§>euded for each of any other objects or classes of expenditures spec` ed or contemplated in the estimate; and Second, the num er of persons, if any, employed and the rates of Q-$¤Q’3`l,L°§'°’°""°‘ compensation paid each, and the amormts expended for each other object or class of expenditures out of the appropriation corresponding to the estimate so submitted during the completed Escal year next preceding the period for which the estimate is submitted. Sec. 7. No specific or indefinite appropriation made hereafter in u:}°1¤°e`i•;si°°»`·f°dfQ any regular annual appropriation Act shall be construed to be per- “"°'*’°“’· manent or available contmuously without reference to a fiscal ear unless it belongs to one of the following five classes: “Rivers and har- $§§°{g_*;¤·m bors,” “]ighthouses," "fortiiications," "public buildings," and "pay of the Navy and Marine Corps," last specifically named in and excepted from the operation of the provisions of the so—called "cover— ing-in Act " approved June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy- I mu four, or unless it is made in terms expressly E-lroviding that it shall .,°,,’§,°{§;_ P °°' continue available beyond the fiscal year for w `ch the appropriation Act in which it is contained makes provision. mm W mmm Sec. 8. After June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and twelve, post- wgmpw m _ masters, assistant plostmasters, collectors of customs, collectors of rutstraga u»i°a¤§°i¤. intemal revenue, c `ef clerks of the various executive departments *"·°"· and bureaus, or clerks designated by them for the purpose, the superintendent, the acting superintendent, custodian, and principal clerks of the various national parks and other Government reservations, superintendent, acting superintendents, and principal clerks of the d` erent Indian superintendencies or Indian agencies, and chiefs of field parties, are required, empowered, and authorized, when requested, to administer oaths, required by law or otherwise, to accounts for travel or other ezqipnses against the United States, with No I mwql like force and effect as omcers aving a seal; for such services when so rendered, or when rendered on demand after said date by notmce pyublic who at the time are also salaried officers or employees of the No mmbmmnn nited States no charge shall be made; and on and ter July first, umm:. nineteen hundred and twelve, no fee or money paid for- the services herein described shall be paid or- reimbursed by the United States. mm__u¤u°¤_ Sec. 9. All of the records relating to natp ation or declarations mmdppmcm of intention to become citizens of the United States and all certifi- manure, xy., dry cates of naturalization filed, recorded, or issued prior to an Act to ‘°{'$_“_,,_,,u validate certain certificates of naturalization app;oved_June twenty- ninth, nineteen hundred and six, in or from the ursvrlle city couilti sometimes called the Louisville police court, Kentucg, sh for purposes be deemed to be and to have been made, fil , recorded, 01* 87618°-vor. 37-rr 1--33