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436 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. H. Cm 355. 1912. S¤•¤-••¢·=•¤¤°*·· Armament of fortification: For the purchase _ manufacture, and def cl their, , $ °‘r°.§§EI.’.;TI‘.f¤.&`“.1‘.,°.§‘i,f{.’.'...°?;Z‘.'i..e r?°..m “f ·“‘i"",.,...r,°°‘}%3“ir;. manzlacture atotgle arsenals, to cost ultima y not to exceed ·-··-······· ‘%?‘3¢’t°¤?$"»·»»¤—·'5"Q’»···=·¤g;_·=···r·,,E,·,,,r,,,,*··*.,,,.,,..°i “‘“:F.“‘*.§.“‘;'$m.»¤‘°' "§§ . °?the•gwith, Zlrlidntllae necessary for its manufacture at the arsenals, {575,0QO; _ _ ’“""""‘°‘“"‘ Submannemma:Forthepurchase ofsulunarmemmesandthe neoasaryapplhncestooperatethemforelosingthechannelsleadmg to the Istlmuan Cmd, $111,750; ‘ In all, for fortifications and armament thereof for the Isthmian , $2 950. ,,'${'"’°“°° °‘ '"` Sec. 2. All fiinddsgillected b the government of the Canal Zone from rentals of pw m m the Canal Zone and 313 gv] ‘ Pqum; zone postal servxce hmngurtfe¤andiines,hn·:l1ooHe1::lted°orraisedbytaxs|i;>nin whatever form under the laws of the vernment of the Canal Zone, are hereb{*na:»{>propriated&hl June mnetetgx; revenues any mlcyluiiegwyean, settingalaide amiseellaneomandcontingentfmidojnotexoeeding ten thousand dollars, to the maintenance of the public-sdgool system in the sone;_ to the construction and mamtenanee of publne nnpoye- ····u...*:...*·*r*:.···t..,°·· ·P·:...= .2 “‘.‘2{3?¥..l‘;.i°'*zT,‘;.‘.§°.r.°*...’I‘;’ °"E‘;£?.?“I»‘iZ 3 ¤¤¤¤ . C hospitalspf the Isthmian Canal Commindonhand to tlllelmguntenanee ,,Z§"'”°'" °° °"` of administrative distnct pnsoners. A detailed and 6l888l$£d_Bt8l»9· ment of all repeipts and egdrtures without the duphcation of items under this be submitted to Congress after the close of the fiscal Lear nineteen hundred and tlurteen.

 Sse._3. All fun   during the meal year mneteen hundred

`° '°' °°°"'°°°°" ZESW “§`2“.?f$`a.£3 »,'§·"}£.$'$‘..“"‘“ .a»‘?‘i‘.,".. °2`.¤f.‘°.Z'§ };";¥r."€§‘.,°$; 0 y of materials and supplies under the custody or control of the commission, are appropriated for expenditure under any of the foregoing classified spprodpnatiom for the department of construction an engneering, an a full and separate report in detail of all transactions m___Mmm Nur unT§r this section shell be made to _ mm. my¤m e at mm} the plose of the fiscal yearpmeteen hundred and thuteen, ""`°""""'°""'° '“°“i.d“”’ 2‘,‘“““' ..i‘md““‘¥.‘I£‘?;.°é‘.f'..°{%`&'.t'$$.“.€r"·*lf§"rfrr.°”m."' "5.,’§‘;5‘°' ure an is llc longer need·:2, or is no longer serviceable it ma be sold in such manner as the President may irect, and without ° in such classes of cases as may be authorised b him• and the President is A_,m,n,_,m,“ authorised, in hiadiscretion, to sell ancfconvey to the Republic of nuuemgxenmn. Panama the build situated in the cit of Panama known as "the °"°"‘°'°‘°"°°‘ Administration B•`:lEling," together with the ground on whidr the e'?'f;1§’c‘§§2»Z°‘§Z;£?r2“.r"i'fl EZ E3$.LZ"a $.`?‘£°r..°°°' "H, '}‘5."'{}°°r°S’& ··¤<·¤• · ¤ - · _ , _ e orm }°'° P°"`°H”°‘i». 4 'ljhst herehtter no payment shall be mad { 0 ow m "'°" ‘°‘· or other charge m connection with the Toro Point Light, II;:unl::)n;ls:ié>‘;zI:1Po;l;r11meysofdmUmwdSht•0rof thePmam &2$§g%pE§,;;·r¤;$;f _ Sw. 5. Tzie of the Isthmian Canal (bmmission is author- $$2 °,?§$m."Z" §.“¤0...°'“°l‘£t£°‘§°;'“'rr.“L'a.°¢1.§“‘° e...r.f'°"“""“·r`1“‘°¢r¤i" “"2 papers and other records which have accumhlated or w1:ieh8:n:y