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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. II. Ch. 355. 1912. 485 having a permanent value or historical interest, as may be determined by the chairman of the Isthmian Canal Commission. In_ all, $28,980 000, the same to be immediately available and to ¤¤¤¤¤*~ continue available until expended: Provided, That all expenditures govgvéit mm from the appropriations heretofore, herein, and hereafter made for me ¢ii°¤¤¤<iii°° the construction of the Isthmian Canal, including any portion of such appropriations which may be used for the construction of the necessary rg dock, coaling pslant, shnplps, and other facilities for repairing an supplying vesse , and necewary wharves, sheds and other termrn ac' ties, exclusive of fortifications, shall be aid c,:'g;gf°•“°” °*· from or reimbursed to the Treasury of the United States out ofp the proceeds of the sale of bonds authorized in section eight of the said · Act_apprqved June twentytghth, nineteen hundred and two, and :,’°;·:·’·:f,f section thirty-mne of the Act approved August fifth, nineteen °` '°' ' hu}1§<;red and nine. f N be M P1 ce t in cases o emergenc , or conditions 81'lS1Dg- subseaiuent to ,e,“},,,,f,d °"‘ °"' and unibreseen at the time of tire passage of this Act, there s all not ¤¤•°¤¤· to M- be_ employed at any time during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen under any of the foregoing appropriatiorm for the Isthmian Canal, an greater number of persons than are in the notes submitter? respectively in connection with the estimates for each of said apgrogariations in the annual Book of Estimates for said year, c°mN,,",,°,, nor sh there be paid to any of such persons during that fiscalyear n¤¤·lcw·i~ any greater rate o compensation than was authorized to be paid to _ persons occupgiiéng the same or like positions on the first day of July, nineteen hun d and ten, and all employments made or compensation increased because of emegencies or conditions so arising shall be specifically set forth, with e reasons therefor, by the chairman of the commission in his report for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen. In_ casa of emergencies arising subsequent to and unforeseen at Inrexlkzmceblo the time of submitting the annual estimates to Congress, ten er "l'”°° °‘ centum of the foregoing amounts shall be available interchangeably for e enditure on objects named· but not more than ten per centum shall? added to any one item of, the appropriation. No part of the foregoing appropriations for the Isthmian Canal n‘ég_*gsg,'g,g',•“°"· shall be applied to the payment o allowances for longevity service, or lay-over days other than such as may have accumulated under existing orders of the commission, prior to July first, nineteen hundred and nine. - FORTIFICATIONS, rsrrrurarv onlinr., .F°*“¤°•“°¤* For the following for fortifications and armament thereof for the Isthmisn Canal, to be immediately available and to continue available until expended, namely: Surveys: upirii detailed surveys [of thethareas toni the Zone 8¤mn required for tary purposes, mc uding e cos 0 marking perma»· nently the boundaries of such areas, $50,000; _ Causeway: For the construction of a causeway or bridge for use °·¤•**·¥· in connection with fortifications, Isthmian Canal, $150,000, Seacoast batteries: For construction of seacoast batteries on the ¤¤•¤¤•·*”•*°°'**- Canal Zone, $1,000,000, and any balances of the pIp&1;)opr1ation for U'°°""““°°'“ the construction of seacoast batteries on the Can ne made by V°'~ ’°·P-lmthe Act of March fourth, nineteen hundred and eleven; _ _ Submarine mine structures: For the construction of mum? case- n§,;{>u*{;"“°“*“ mates, cable galleries, torgdo storehouses, cable tanks, an other _ structures necessary for e `operation, preservation, and care of submarine mines and their accessories on the Canal Zone, $220{20Q; Field fortifications and camps: For the construction of field ortr- nléield !<¤·¤¤c•¤¤¤¤. fications and the preparation of camp sites on the Canal Zone, $200,000; ·