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484 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912. such other exraegses not in the United States as the commission deems necessary to t promote the construction of the Isthmian Canal, l’•¥¤°¤*. °* °*“¤· including not exceeding $50,000 for the payment of damages caused agen to private prop- . . . em. to the owners of private lands, or prrvate pcroperty of any kind, by va. el, P, me of téne gr·lz:lr;tz cpngriued in the tligpltgd éwkeen the Ymted Stattgs an e epu c o anama roc e runny wcnty-six , nineteen hundred and four, or by reason of the operations of the l{.i‘}.'f°$?.Z2°.Z‘§.;.}.*Z..f‘?.°"‘.“°.‘3E.?£‘£‘3.{.“.?$a.1’f.`iKr’}‘;§°tL‘.L’.€.f.”?.r*‘EEl.€€ii’.i canal or of the works of sanitation and protection therein provided for which may be com romised b agreement between the claimant and the of the commission without the intervention of a joint commission, for the departments of construction and engineering, quartermasteis, subsistence, disbursements and examination of wgoipphtsiand for anpermanent adnumstratron building, $12,000,000. U-*•¤¤u•¤•°¤¤· _ . or gusce aneous expenditures, cable telegraph service, stationery an prmtmg,_local railway transportation, special trams, mcluding pmtrandservme; transpprtation of currency to the] Isthmus, recrm _ g an transport1ng_ aborexs, transportm em from the lilrrptedlinitates, repatipdatnng and emg¢§y:ie;,Pa(gm nece¤ary_ ve expensesw een e usono C1 usiness; expenses uicidenttoeonductin hearmgs' d ammmg' estim tesf appropriations of the Isthmus gnd all othenieinizlnilental and eonltlingeig ?penses1 not otherwise provided fowr the departrneniapf construeon an engineering quarter-mas s, · ‘ bmsemm and examination of accounts, $790,000. su , ts n_,°°',_g§§°°°' °’ “’ Seventh. For pay of the member of the commission in charge of cgnptngnmbw. on- U3; de·p1art1n§]tB§f ‘t1;)on, oi officers and emplovees, · ‘ ‘ o er an s an uns , din f , Hf men, watchman, messengers, and storelkelclplengs, oFth:r¢(lg;>?nr;lentgr4$f

   and law, including those necessarily and temporanlydetanled for duty away from the Isthmus, $500,000;

uber. adgighthhgpg smegognd unskilled labor for the department of civil ¤•··¤·¤·· ·¤¢· Ninth. For xi1aterial,suppli , t, t f d ‘ of t.n.t.g., .. .r...°“`§.‘..§.".2°?.‘¥ r§‘.§“.‘i.§.“.I’..?.‘I.'.1..‘€‘; R%

tration and law, including not exceeding $500 for law books,

m§;g**•**·>¤ ·*•¤·**· 'Ilenth. For pay of the member of the commission in chew., of vmmrwouu, en. officers and erplployees other than skilled and unskilled labor, inaclud-‘ °*"- °"· ué hospital rspensers, mternes, nurses attendants, messen ers, o ce boys, foremen subforemen, watchmen, and stewards, of the L’f.?..°“3Z‘i25.3*r3$"Z¤‘f.2§»"1'$.i’“r$.l‘§. ia*:s;*.2;..i.·;°‘:;*.3**.;g..:.£1°¤° moum:. Eliaventh. For skilled am? unskilled labor of every grade and kind for the department of sanitation on the Isthmus $200 000· i rwermo. ev:. Twelfth. For material, supplies, equipment, construction and repairs of buildings, medical ard and sup ort oi the insane and of rlgdiggngmpgrlzgni disgbleadl, gglgle in the line of duty and New qumumur §;et1%1l·;op& har; contingggt ;x;ense;noIl;hthe departtlixlieriltogi ssrimgog

  • ‘····“·=*¤‘**·*- em. eau 1... .2.1 :...1.. toward tn. ’ °° “°·*’“" °* ms “*’*"°P’?‘“‘

Station e construction of a. new quarantme 1ierminal facilities, The foregoing sums, so far as n hall b '

 .,... Z;.} glryppgvig goaling Pratt, .t.?§$?.?.‘3".§h.. r.°i?.il'§S§¥li €Z.§.2§.%§

essels an mms hm, beds mimi} gcigtirvs, and for the gonsolillztivein anc?,r;se ’ ind other mrofupapeg and other records which have accuIi·r1ulaZ?ltli)1il 1;‘)1£It+ht;»(l2:i m ate aring the construction of the canal and needed or useful or