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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912. 483 librarian, $1,500; shipper in ch e $1 200; stock kee r, $1 100· three stock keepers, at $1,000 five stock keepers, ai;x$900 each; two stock keepers, at $720 each; two assistant messen ers, at $720 each; three mailers, at $840 each; janitress, $626; two foglers, at $626 each; eleven laborers, at $626 each; five masse er be at $420 · each; in all, $98,364. ug ya, For furniture and fixtures, typewriters, carpets, labor-saving °°““”‘°“‘°"°"”°°· machines and_ accesories, time stamps, adding-Hand numbering machines, awnings, curtains, books of reference, ectories, books miscellaneous office and desk supplies; wra pers for Congressional Record and Patent Office Gazette· twine, gliie, envelopes, ostage, car tickets, soap, toilet paper, towels, disinfectants, and ice; gra age, express, freight, telephone and telegraph service; re airs to builyding, elevators, and- machinery; preserving sanitag condition of building, light heat, and power; stationeg and 0 ce rinting including banks, price lists, and bibliograp `es, $30,000; for catalo es an indexes, not exceeding $16,000; for binding reserve remaingiirs, and for supplying books to depository libraries, $94,000; in all, $140,000. THE ISTHMIAN CANAL. M-¤¤·¤ <>·¤·¤- To continue the construction of the Isthmian Canal, to be expended under the direction of the President, in accordance with an Act *'*°"·*” · entitled “An Act to provide for the construction of a canal connecting the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans," approved June twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and two, and Acts amendatory thereof or supplementary thereto: can C I . First. For salaries o officers and employees of the Isthmian s•1¤·i¤ in uniiih Canal Commision, including, assistant purchasing and shipping “""“ agents, and all other em loyees in the United States, $150,000. _ Second. For incidentaliexpenses, including rents, cable and tele- I“°"'°“'·"°‘¥’°“’°’· graph service, supplies stationer§ and printing, and actual necessary traveling expenses in the United tates (including rent of the Panama Canal building in the District of Columbia, $7,500, textbooks and books of reference, $1,000, and additional compensation to the Auditor for the War Department for extra services m auditing accounts of the Isthmian Canal, $1,000), $50,000. _ _ Third. For pay of members of the commission and officers and ,,,,°é,§‘;;,§,'§,‘j§f’”· "°·· employees on the Isthmus, other than skilled and unskilled labor, en<;g{:me¤:_•§>¤¤:{: inc uding engineers, silngerintendentsk1nstrumentrr;lon,_ i;‘l&I1S1lZ& mu., Y men, ev en, rodmen, a tsmen, time eepeis, mec anic an electrical enineers, quartermasters, clerks, accountants, stenog— raphers, store eepers, messengers, office boys, foremen and subforemen, ;;§on masters, watchrnen, and stewards, including those tempo y detailed for duty away from the Isthmus, in the departments of construction and engineering, quartermaster’s, subsistence disbursements and examination of accounts, and for those employed in connection with- the preservation of plans, drawings, and other records, $3,000 000: Provided, That not more than $5,000 of this appro- {.,'°,.""',,,;,,,,,,,,_ priation shall be paid as compensation to the secretary of the commission. _ Fourth. Forskilled and unskilled labor on the Isthmus, including "‘°° engineers, conductors, firemen, brakemen, electricians, teamsters, cranesmen, machinists, blacksmiths, and other artisans, and their helpers; 'anitors, sailors, cooks,_waiters, and darrymen, for the departments oi construction and engrneermg, quartcrmastefs, subsistence, disbursements and examination of accounts, _$11,000,000. _ Pmhm of mw Fifth.· For purchase and delivery of material, supplies, and equip- ,,,1, em ment, including cost of inspecting material and o paying traveling expenses incident thereto, whether on the Isthmus or elsewhere, an