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482 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912. For the Department of Justice, $35,000. For the United States Court of Cmtoms Appeals, $2,000. s £?‘or$t;;b(1;'6>5t Office Department, exclusive of the money-order 0 (B . eF2i§“€v?§5.?,“%°.?.23£‘§§“e“éf§a§§§"1t"?i§%“ *3 °1’{.°°°‘k"‘¥*%° _ . _ u 1 o e v°"”·"°"‘ Secretary of Agncu1ture,’as required 12* the Act approvgd January W up 825 twelfth, eighteen and ninety- ve and in pursuance of the ‘ ‘ ‘ pépvisions of Public Resolution Numbered of the first session

..E¥§?.‘?‘»€'3i£°e’L’f“xi41?‘.rn° ““`°n,.“$""“&?§ €2.°£i.“’ °‘°°°" ’}€’°°° "i'

w a ug tg of the diEerent sections of the coungjy, an eq?1:lprr?por(t,i0nQol’l’g£r(3 fifths of which shall be delrvered to or sent out under the addressed {ranks furnished by Senators, Re resentatives, and Delegates in mmammy M: t“em· ’*..’5·g°°·.. 1,..,., or p en o · · -~ at aadamc ‘$m·n.*:"· °·*··*°.‘?"..§'E°:1 mi m°*¤*<***¤°`!°d`°"*°h$·"°·“C°`Z.¥ ..m·“* mm ;.,?,;1..e¤g me binding £°,m.’“2?e.e iium °““R“ee..a“h°" bf °"’°"" _ gnghp Sgreéple Court of the States, $15,000; and the prm or e reme · · emlploy unless it shgll otherwise gsm. one by the It may Fg: 1511: gm Court of gn; (District of Columbia, $1,500. For th Lib rc¤¤gm.,’ mq ’ °.·,.g ,,.,g;,- publiqatign ogg (Catalogue of Title Engscglthe and binding, rebmding, and repairing of library boob and or build; miraucihgreigunds, Congress, 8202,000. ’ or e xecut° $3 000. gg; gte IIl1:terstdlT•? Commission, $90,000. Rmrmm_ e tematnoual Umon of American Re ublws, $20,000. 8P'£:i; nnzegnpre ttilhsn allotment ofdo;1e·lml¥ of the sum herebi ria _ or e u t' li ' - be expended m the Exit twoP:|.bl1i1°artm<§rs8:f th: ll]:¢lh:§ more than one—fourth thereof may expended in either oi the last two quarters of the Escal year, excspt that, m addition thereto, in either of sand last quarters the un§>en ed balances of allotments for preceding quarters may be expend ; and no department or Government estab-

;Irl;:l;;£`ln0<;:;u;1)160ll: aniysuch pegigii 3 greatelig percentage of it 

the whole a propriation. n uring t 6 mma Period Of

ii: mg?.'5 §§%2?.%8E,“22.§3?’I§§““‘i9’l* ‘“"?° h2»’°i" ““‘*°' G°"°""

2 P0 HB IODS O ialidlgengauhegeggqtiipnd for ofgce o{(;11g;er%u1il.:1ldI;h1tf?>li§;<?d§? _ , ux_a y appo ion ed b ' Printer, to each publication or work zxeglltedz uihrder any}: cglghg) ggilgi sglogmreptsfso thait tlheutotal chaxpes for work done from the 8 10 8 0 . my ofm_men_ Mmagy expended Ig); ali; of sggtabemeea the total amount men shall be paid at the rate of 55 cggta lple? Hmumr press- Omce of mperinommtemecemene. omcm or 1-nz svrnzxxrnnnrm or nocumwrs. .;;;E€rL'€c°T°d°m' °°` For superintendent of documents $3 500 egg' I 7 ; E t I 2:.:*.°za·;;l,.2*:;$;2°z.22¢ :‘i;*t¤:1:£#.;¤ ts"; f°¤i·=ii@`$i?l?¥?°?*?r%’$? $1,000 each· six c1,·,rkS,’ t $900 I?. ° °"° °“°? mght **1****]*8, M g;:;]1gg¤;;iétc;?gg€, nite; two J§‘221&g.‘§'é,°£2'*3’,53¥» ZZEH; iiiléé at SI 4%;) , hl , 00 eac , one cataloguer, $1,100 gseven cataloguer , eac , three oataloguers, at $900 each; cashier, $1,600 ; 91;;