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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912. 481 In all, for public rin and bind` includ` v salaries of office '*`°*·"· force, payments for hldlidilylsgand leavesudibbsencelglibnd the last-named sum, $4,949,900* and from the said sum printing and binding shall be dope by the Public Printer to the amounts following, respectively, name y: For p)rinting and binding for Congress, including the proceedings and de ates, $1,750,000. _And printing and binding for Congress chargeable to this appropriation, when recommended to be done by the Committee on of either House, shall be so recommended m a report_conta1mng an approximate estimate of the cost thereof, together wrth a statement rom the Public Printer of estimated approximate cost of work previously ordered by Congress, within the ‘ fiscal year for which this appropriation is made. For the State Department, $35,000. "°P•'°'¤°“°¤· °*°· For the Treasury Department, $340,000. · For the War Department, $190 000: Prmnlied, That the sum of Q;f;’°,;,,,_,,c,_, ,,u,_ $3,000, or so much thereof as map be necessary, ma be used for the Mina publication, from time to time, o bulletins preparedyimder the direc- · tion of the Surgeon General of the Army, for the instruction of medical officers, when approved by the Secretary of War. For the Nagy Department, $145,000, including not exceeding $25,000 for the Iydrographic Oflim. ‘ For the Interior Department, including not exceeding $40 000 for the Civil Service Commission, and not exceeding $25,000 for the publication of the Annual Report of the Commissioner of Education, $290,000. For the Ratent Office, as follows: For printing the weekly issue of patents, designs, trade-marks, and labels, exclusive of illustrations; for printing and binding the monthly volumes of patents, and for printing, engraving illustrations, and binding the Official Gazette, including weekl , monthly, bimonthly, and annual indices, $420,000. The paragraplli of section seventy-three of the Act approved January p,§Q‘§‘,§’}g,,§§l“‘“° °‘ twelfth, eighteen hundred ninety-five (Statutes at Large Volume mP¤yevi¤i<;gdf<>* ¤*¤<*· twenty-eight, page six hundred and twenty), relating to die binding isi.? pim. and disposal of volumes of the specifications and drawings of eac patent issued, is rtgiealed. For the United tates Geological Survey, as follows: For engraving the illustrations necessary for the Annual Report of the Director, and for the monographs, professional papers, bu letins, water-suppl papers, and the report on mineral resources, and for printing and, binding the same publications, of which sum not more than $35,000 magsbe used for engraving, $145,000. For the Smit onian Institution, for printing and binding the Annual Reports of the·Board of Regents, with general appendixes, ten thousand dollars; under the Smithsonian Institution, for the Annual Reports of the National Museum, with ugcneral appendixes, and for printing labels and blanks, and for the B letins and Proceedings of the National Muscum,·the editions of which shall not exceed four thousand copies, and binding, in half morocco or material not more expensive, scientific books and pamphlets presented to or acquired by the National Museum Library, $§4,000; for the Annual Reports and Bulletins of the Bureau of American Ethnology, and for miscellaneous printing and binding for the Bureau,_$21 000, for miscellaneous rinting and binding for the International Exchanges, $200; the lliiternational Catalogue of Scientific Literature, $100; the National Zoological Park, $200; for miscellaneous printing and binding for the Astrophysical Observatorpy, $400, and for one thousand five hundred copies of Volume Three o the Annals of the Astrophysical Observatory of the Smithsonian Institution, $2,000; and for the Annual Report of the American Historical Association, $7,000; in all, $74,900.