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480 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912. mgegémmenr Prim- GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE. 08. A Ptrnmo mmruio arm mmmm. P¤¤>1¤¤ *‘¤¤¤-P¤* e of the Public Printer: Public Printer, $5,500; purchasmg °°"‘""°°°”°’°°°‘ (hlic$3,600; chief clerk, $2,500; accountant, $2,500; assistant purdgo agent, $2,500; cashier and aymaster, $2,500; clerk1n charge of the Congressional Record at the Capitol, $2.500; assistant accountant, $2,250: chief timekeeper, $2,000; paying teller, $2,000: telegrapher andclerk, $1,800; clerks—one_ at $2,000, ten of class four, eleven of class three, six of class two, six of class one, nme at $1,000 each, five at $900 each, seventeen at $840 each; paymaster’s guard, $1,000; chief dwrkmer, $1,200; doorkeeper, $1,200; six assistant doorkeepers, at $1, each; two memengers, at $840 each; chief delive man, $1,200; live delivery men, at $950 each; telepgone switchx&ard r, $720; three assistant telephone switch ard operators, at ach;'six memanger boys, at $420 each; m all, 32 700. _ _ . nepuzy rubric ’ Office of the Deputy Public Printer: DeputyPublic_Pnnter, $4,500; "‘”“'· °°°* two clerks of class o;1lp;$<;r6;pl)erk, $900; one chemist, $1,600; one . masse r $840; m r · , wseernmee. Wagfonze: of thewatch, $1 ,200;_ two lreutenants of the watch, at $900 each; and sixty-four day and mght watchmen, at $720 each; in $49,080. _ _ _ norman. Holidaaui To enable the Printer the provisions of this iawtgranting holidays and the order half holidays wi pay to the employees of the Government tmg Office, $185,000. ‘ _· . _ _ uns. or absence- Leaves of absence: To enable the Public Printer to comply with the provisions of the law grant' thirty days' annual leave to the em loyees of the Govemmenlillginting Office, $320,000. rubric vrinuns and For the public prin , for the public binding; and for prgper for the uiggigsm mess:. public printing and , including the cost of printing e debates and proceedings of Congress m the Congressional Record, and for lith aphing, mapping, and engraving, for both Houses of Congress, thegpreme Court of the United States, the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, the Court of Claims, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, the Interstate Commerce Commission, om¢• ¤¤r>•¤•·• the International Bureau of American Republics, the Executive Office and the departments; for_salaries, compensation, or wages, of all necess employees additional to those herein specifically appropnatedriiir, including the compensation of the foreman of binding, and the foreman of printing; rents, fuel, gas, electric current, gas and electric fixtures, an ice; rcgcles, horses, wagons and hamess, electrical vehicles, and the care, riving, and subsistence of the same, to be used only for omcial purposes inc uding the purchase, maintenance, and driving of horses and vehicles for official use of the officers of the Government Pnntrng Office when in writing ordered by the Public Printer; freight, expressage, telegraph and telephone service; furniture, typewriters, and carpets; traveling expenses, stationery postage, an advertising; directories, technical books, and books of reference, not exceeding $500; adding and numbering machines, time stamps, and other machines of similar character; machinery (not exceeding $100,000); equgrmenth and for repairs to machinery, implements, and buildings, an for minor alterations to buildings; necessary equipment, maintenance, and supplies for the emergency room for the use of all employees in the Government Printing Office who e;¤¤¤¤¤·¤¤·>¤¤*¤¤¤¤· may be taken suddenly ill or receive injury while on dut ; other ` necassag_ contingent and miscellaneous items authorizedv by the Public _ rmter; and for all the necessa materials and equi ment needed rn the prosecution and delivery olzthe work, $4,252,883;