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SIXTY-SECOND OONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 355. 1912. 479 Representatives, under the direction of the Committee on Appropriations of the Senate, $1,500, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Biographical Congressional Directo : To enable the Secret of ,,,%’,,,,'“’ mw °°‘}' the Senate to pay, upon vouchers aplpioved by the chairman blfythe , ;€Prz*· Joint Committee on Printing, for pre arixggla new edition of the 1% umn. °°‘ mm Biogfaplncal Congressional Directory, fiiom e Continental Congress to the S1xty-first Congress, both inclusive (seventeen hundred and seventy-six to mneteen hundred and eleven), as directed by Senate resolution of March thmd, nineteen hundred and eleven, $5,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, and said sum or any part thereof, in the discretion of the chairman of the Joint Committee on Printing, may be paid as additional compensation to any employee of the nited States, and shall continue to be available during the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen. _ Joint Committee on Printing, as provided for in an Act providing ,,},§’,*,‘{,§,§°“"“"'°° °” for the public pr1ntinJg and binding and the distribution of public gigh documents approved anuary twelfth eigrteen hundred and mnet - °°°°‘°'°°l‘ five, and Acts amendatory thereof: Cler $3,000, to be paid by tlie Secretary of the Senate. Inspector for the Joint Committee on Printinlg, as provided for in $Q,1{’°,'§*°,§gm_ section twentg of an Act to provide for the lpub tzprinting and bind- ` ing, approve January twe fth, eighteen und and ninety-five, $2,000, one half to be paid gy the Secretary of the Senate and the other half to be paid by the erk of the House of Repr ssentatives. same mm B¤m_ Senate Office uilding: For maintenance, miscellaneous items and suplplies, and for all necessary personal and other services for the care *°“‘“°°· °‘°· an operation of the Senate Office Building, under the direction and supervision of the Senate Committee on Rules, $46,000 which sum shall be expended by the Superintendent of the Cagitol Building and Grounds under the supervision and direction of the enate Committee on Rules without reference to section four of the Act approved June seventeenth, nineteen hundred and ten, concerning purchases for executive déeipartments. _ · H Bum House O ce Building: For maintenance, including miscellaneous ,,,,_°“’° °°°° ` items, and for all necessary services, $35,932. “*‘“'·*¤*¤°°·°*°· For weather strips for windows, $2,700. _ ,.,,,,,,0, p°,,,,,p,_,,,_ Capitotlpower p ant: For lighting the Cgutol, Senate and House u¤m»e¤•m,ew. Office Bu` dings, and Congressional Library uilding, and the grounds about the same, Botanic Garden; Senate stables and engine house, House stables, Maltby Building, and folding and storage rooms of the Senate; pay of superintendent of meters, at the rate of $1,600 per annum, who shall inspect all gas and electric meters of the Govemment in the District of Columbia without additional compensation; for necessary personal and other services; and for materials and labor in connection with the maintenance and_0peration of the heating, lighting, and power plant, and substations connected therewit , $90 000* · · rw on at Flor fuel, oil, and cotton waste, and advertising for the power plant ‘ ’ ' which furnishes heat and light for the Capito and Congressional P_m_b____ Mt [__ buildings, $77,000. This and the three forego1.% approgaatrons shall g[g·{g%gd .0 gupply be expended by the Superintendent of the apitol uilding and °°*°”““°°- Grounds under the supervision and d1rection_ of the commission in control of the House Qfliee Building, appointed under the act \’¢>¤.s4.r·.1¤·=5· approved March fourth, nineteen hundred and seven, and without retgrence to section 4 of the Act approved June seventeenth, nineteen VM- vv. 1>· f·¤¤· hundred and ten, concerning purchases for executive departments.