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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 364-366. 1912. 495 CHAP. 64.——AnAcAthon.ung`° ofB , , ,' - the count:0f Aitkin, ldimllesota, to a bridgb in Artkm County, Minnmoh. — [P¤b11c,No. 811.] Be·ite1tacted_bytlwSenateandHmtseof Represe11tativesqft}ze United §'tates %*A1Ill1'IOG in Congress assembled, That the consent of Congress ,,*,,"{*';]’{,¥_mg;,,_ . rs here y granted to the towns of Ball Bluff, Libby, and Comish, •·¤¤ <¤>¤·¤¤¤- 1¤¤¤·- mumcrpal corporations organized and existing under and pursuant $¥¤°;;l°'°’*°“m° _ to the laws _0 the State of Minnesota, to construct, maintain and 0perate_ a bridge and gpproaches thereto across the Mississippi Iliver at a pomt suitable to e interests of navigation, from a point on the “’°‘““"· easterly bank of said river near the town line, between townships fifty-one and fifty-two north, to a point on the westerly bank of sard river near the said town line, between townships fifty-one and fifty- two north, range twenty-three west, of the fourth principal meridian, all ar the coimty of Artkin, State of Minnesota, m accordance with the provisions 0 the Act entitled "An Act to regulate the construe- v°‘·“•P*“· tron of brrdges over navigable w•te1s," approved March twenty- third, nineteen hundred an si!. _ Sec. That Zhao right to &l$6l',_jII1®d, or repeal this Act is hereby *""“'“°"*· express y reserv . Approved, August 24, 1912. _ . . . A rn. agifti; €£Z2..s‘$i¤i'£?I1 ’f}.°.f£.l‘Z.";°A°l‘2..°.}.l{'£°.i .%°"5"2."?yl“° °""°'““ ‘ °“"‘° ‘°'°" -—-——u,‘l_§i;L, Be it enactedb·ytheSenatem1dHmueof Repr¢sentatioes the United States of America in Omagress assembled, That the o?fChicago, in mI$3}l° °‘l"'°° the county of Cook an State of ]1llD0lS' a mumc1pal corporation ,,,H‘g@,m·,M"n'{ orgamzed under the laws of the State of Illinois, be, and it rs hereby, Av¤¤¤¤. authorized to construct maintain .and operate a bridge and ag proaches thereto across the LittleCdlumet River, at a pomt suitable the interests of navigation, at Indiana Avenue, in sections thirty-three and thirty-four, township thirty-seven_north, range fourteen east, in vo! M at the county of Cook au State of Ilhnois, m accordance with the · ·F· provisrons of the Act entitled "An Act to regulate the construction of bridges over navigable waters," approved March twenty-third, nineteen hundred and six. _ _ A I K Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserved. ` Approved, August 24, 1912. CH3?. 366i-An Ac}:. Confesringdupon tire Ltzpton Rai';v§ayhanLiaI.itg)hdn€lCPo¤:’; Amg?

 ,`gts, 'ti s wuan 0 ·———·····—’**

§_E[ll];1I2e<?tri’dlC:>:1gpiasn;l to congtnmciflnikbtld eggs ciarriagriranlauds in Comanche County, [P°bu°' N°‘ ua`] OIDB. Be it enacted by the Senate and House oi Re eeentativee of the United States Amenba in C' ss That the privil es and oxmmm . Eants heretofore confergzrlflicipon the Lawton and Fort Sill6IZlectr1c _ ailway Comdpany, lay virtue of the Acts of March twenty-eight.h Comvcnyegog Hgwd nineteen hun ed an ten (Thirty-sixth Statutes, page two hundred ny to rawlfqubrpsi- 8·Hd sixty-egght), and June twenty-second, nineteen hundred and ten 3:; *8 ¤ ¤¢ (Thirty-six Statutes, page Eve hundred and eighty-eight), to con- V .¤¤.vp·¤¤.5¤¤· struct and 0 erate a railway, telegraph, telephone, and trolley lm throggh theglort Sill Military Reservatron and the public lands reserv for Indian school purposes, all rn Comanche CountfiQk1ahoma, be, and the same are hereby, conferred upon the Lawton a11way and Lighting Company, a corporation created under and by virtue of the I laws of the State of Oklahoma: Provided, That no rights hereunder P+¤¤•¤-