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496 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sims: II. Cris. 366, 367. 1912. A¤v¤>*·* °* *°°•· shall t in the Lawton Railway and Lighting Com any until maps dm" of lochction of the respective dportions of the road the Fort Sill Militz;lr·yI·(5E\tfeservation at: the lanads fazmiéndppvschoocl urposese terrecere eaprovo e re 0 aran the Secretary of the Inlerior, regpectively, subject, however to the limitations, restrictions and conditions contained m the said °¤¤¤'°“°'*· Acts: Provided, That said Lawton Railway Lighting Company shall complete the construction of that £>rtion of its road between L;iw£nAa;nd Fort Sill withm two years m the date of the passage ` t. Amendment 0 Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserved. Approved, August 24, 1912.

  • "¢[‘;_'*$h_}*u· CHAP. $87.-A.n Act To provide for agricultural entries on oil and gas lands.

a>¤¤u¤.¤¤¤¢1 B tc enacted by the Senate and House R pr¢.mr¢oam‘ the U had ruansrmas Static of America in Urmgress aase·rnbledQfTh:t from and agar thefpas- ,,§.,'f'§',,,‘,,°,§’§‘,}'e‘},‘{,.’,*f,} sage o this Act unreserved public lands of the United States in the •¤¤'·¤¤- State of Utah, which have been withdrawn or classified as oil lands, or are valuable for oil, shall be subject to appropriate entry under the homestead laws by actual settlers only, the desert-land law, to selection by the State of Utah under ts made by Congress and under Y°¥”·P·“~ section four of the Act approved Eugust eighteen hundred and ninety-four, known as the Carey Act, and to wi wal under the v¤r.¤,p.sns. Ad:} approved Jl13;S0::lht00l1l·l}, nineteen h and twokktnpswéioas rec tion t, to disposition in retion - retary of the Interior under the aw providing for- the saleoof isolatdd or disconnectjd tracgiof publictllrinds, whepeier such entry, selectitoln, orwithdraw madewx avrewo o tauungor ti , with a reservation to the United States of the oil aud gas iiragirlrilliglanmlis miénit ¤¤ dem ·=¤- and of the right to prospect for, urine, and remove the same. But no _ desert entry made under provisions of this Act shall contain more ¤§,,"'f,'§‘,§,",;,,,, B,,,,,“ one hundred and sugty acres:_ Provided, That those who have y¤er>•¤r•¢¤¤¤.¤w. initiated nonmmeral entries, selections, or locations in good faith, prior to the pa;§e of this Act, on lands withdrawn or c assiiied as o1llands,_may _ act the same under the provisions of the laws under whrcl:1;r;r;l entrgussvxare made, but shall receive the limited patent provi or in ct. · p ‘ A pu¤·¤¤¤·w me Sec. 2. That an person desiring to mak t de th h 2H°§:°,.._"°"'°°°° °‘ stead laws or the desertdand law, and the Sltgiialiii lgahr desirirggmth make selection under section four of the Act of August eighteenth, erghttgepn ;1&1n<%)re% and mnety;§o;1];·,'l§p,ow1ti as tlpatgarpy Act, or under- _ eyongr·ess,an e crea o f `h-

 under the reclamation Act landsrizrlassiiidd gscclhlwleirridijtor

valuab for oil, with a view of securing or passing title to the same in accordance with theprovisions of said Acts, shall state in the application for entry, selection, or notice of withdrawal that the same is made réiligcgortidance with and subject to the provisions and reservations of c . P•¤¤¤= ¢¤ ¤¢;¢··i¤; Sap. 3. That u 11 sati fact f f full l` r

 M B ° provisions of the ms undhr wl)1i'§hIhIii)i)rylis mad;-iO£§ b8i°ntli’.is“xdl; ih;

entryman shall be entitled to a patent to the land entered bv him which patent shall contain a reservation to the United States of all the oil and gas m the lands so patented, together with the right to prospect for, mine, and remove the same uphn rende com ensatron to the patentee for- all damages that may be causendnb reg ecting forilapd removingguch oil or gas. The reserved oil and deplhsits in surged shall disposed of only shall he hereafter expressly Approved, August 24, 1912.