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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cas. 3684270. 1912. - 497 CHAI'. 368.-A.n Act To amend an Ac ‘ " ‘ amiga ·.

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RIPE, V ° - fourthlgtatutes at lliiige, pagepone hungeidx and ihlirl:tye·iBa•I?ven“;ld!°d and m ( [Pubum Nm sm`] Be it Senate and Houslzy Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assemb That the Secretary of the §§~§§'§}¤§ d Interior be, and he is hereby authorized to sell, upon such terms and www l•¤i·i:r:¤Z.. conditions, under such regulations, and in such tracts as he shall m'°°°h°”°d‘ deem advisable, the land and timber, together or separately, reserved » hom allotment under_ the provisions of section seven of the Act enti- v°L “' P' m' tled "An Act to %l&V1d6 for the final disposition of the affairs of the Five Civihzed Tri in the Indian Territoig, and for other p ," approved April twenty-sixth, nineteen undred and six - fourth Statutes at Large, page one hundred and thirty-seven). Approved, August 24, 1912. eeeereseesseciseeseraceroem¤~·.¤·¤~·~·¤e.;,···¤*’~·i¤»:.: ‘“‘f¥‘··“#’»5"“ June twenty-eau, nineteen hundred md ten.p“ ° m °ppr°v ¤’¤””°— Na ml Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section two of the Act §;§"§',f,{g';°;~_mm of Congress agproved June twenty-fifth nineteen hundred and ten rrcciricd purgnu (Thirty-sixth tatutes at Large, page eight hundred and forty-seven), v°1`°°‘ P' 7‘ be, and the same hereby is, amended to read as follows: "Sec. 2. That all lands withdrawn under the provisions of this ,,¤*§§{_”¤ "¢‘*'= °°¤· Act shall at all times be open to exploration, discovery, occupation, and purchase under the mining laws of the United States, so far as the same apply to metalliferous minerals: Provided, That the rights Q",é'§:_°'6, bon me of any person who, at the date of any order of withdrawal hereto ore cilorsancmmmm or hereafter made, is a bona fide occupant or claimant of oil or gas bearing lands and who, at such date, is in the diligent rosecution of work leading to the discovery of oil or gas, shall not be affected or impaired by such order so long as such occupant or claimant shall continue in diligent prosecution of said work: Provided further, That °,§,$““ °‘ P'*°' this Act shall not be construed as a recognition, abridgment, or enlargement of ang asserted rights or claims initiatedupon any oil or gas bearing lan after any withdrawal of such lands made prior to une twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and ten: And provided further, ,_,§",§‘§§j_$;*&,g{f··°“‘ That there shall be excepted from the force and effect of any withdrawal made under the provisions of this Act all lands which are on the date of such withdrawal, embraced in any lawful homestead or desert-land entry theretofore made, or uppn which any valid settlement has been made and is at said date ing maintained and perfected pursuant to law; but the terms of this dproviso shall not continue to a' pl to any particular tract of lan unless the entrymar; or settler sliallicontinue to cowly with the law under which the entry or settlement was made: A provided further, That hereafter no forest reserve shall be created, nor shall any additions be made to one VCI- M. r. 12'?1· heretofore created, within the limits of the States of _Cal1forma, Ore on, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, or Wyoming, except by get of Congress? Approved, August 24, 1912. CHAP. 370.-An Act T0_ make uniform charges for furnishing copies of records of A°i§?§lz£§ asu the Department of the Intenor and of its several bureaus. Be it enacted the Senate and House o Representatives of the United _ W States of Amerilyeiz in Congress assembkdf T}1¤t_¢hQ S¢¢1‘¢¤¤'5` Of `~h° I¥}?{»?§e”~;° °el; Tntsrior, the head of any iu·eau, office, or mstitution, or any oHi~r:· L·¤i¤r¤i=¤·=¤L