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SIXTY·SEOOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ons. 371-373. 1912. 499 CHAP. 37L—An Act Fu the relief of certain homesteaders in Nebraska. Be·ite1•adedby theSc1•ateandHouse Representatives the U 'ted [Publi N. l Sfaies q£Americu in Congress aaurnbleeif That the qualizfgitionsnolf a §'§’,§°,;"'y;{l;§:;]“ former omestead entryman who has heretofore been permitted to quumnuen otengi make an additional or mother entry under the Act entitled "An Rf;',,”°l""*‘ Act to amend ih? hpmcétead l§w§ ralgk to ’certain urgaappioplriiated and V°‘· "¢P·°** ‘ unr pucanme a’r0 `twt- " Englith, nmeteer; hungred and four, shall, bellleltergnlineg by the ¢;llahca ions, excep as 0ll}1Z6`DSl].'l` essedon e to fhisiirst entry m all cases where_ the rightsplilsthird persons shalllnot have mtervened and the additional or second entry has not been canceled. Approved, August 24, 1912. _

 372.-An Act To extend the limilsot theport of entry of New Orleans,.  

Lol!-‘!u~¤l [Public, No. 319.] Be·i¢e·nactedbyt7scSenatea1•dHo1ase R_ entati lhcUn·ited mmm States of America in Congress qseembkd,q{'h:l1l)rtl18e Hmit1s&i>i)fthe port of ¤•l·;m{>';¤¤;¤¥_sudl_•a; entry of New Orleans, Louisiana, be, and the same are hereby, will s., mi ma, p. extended to include that portion of the parish of Saint Bemard “°’· ‘”‘°""°‘* w e p 0 _ eans Sam rn _ m - X?,'i“i?;2”%£2"Z2'.¥`%£’°“...d’“.Q“..‘}i?’ZI‘.1‘.l’°i""{h§2°‘}.‘.‘ii°‘?"?;‘}` ‘°“"‘“‘ sect the east bank of the Mississippi River; thence alonlg said east bank to where the boundaz hne between lots an seventeen of the Cormpe and_Myrt.le rove plantations (according to a plan by A. C. Bella civil engnaar, July :ley¢;1;1th,b hundred and naprelty- , an annex an ac o e y . Richardson to es Mereaux, passed before Charles T. Soniat esquire, notary public in the of Orleans, Januéalri second, eighteen hundred an ninety- fqurllmtersects said east b , said point of intersection being at a distance of four rniles four thousand two hundred and eighty feet below the pomt at which the boundary between the parishes of Orleans and Saint Bernard intersects said east bank; thence along said boumdary between said lots sixteen and seventeen a distance o four thousand feet; thence along a line parallel to the Mississippi River to the point where said boundary line intersects the boundary between the parishes of Orleans and Saint Bemard; thence along said boundary line to the point of Approved, August 24, 1912. CHAP. 878.-An Act To give effect to die convention between the Governments Am of the United Staws, Great Britain, Jain, and Rush. for the preservation and pm- tectionof thefursealsandseaotterw`d1f1equentt.hewatersoithen0rt1xPaciiic [ °’ °‘ I Ocean, concluded at Washington July seventh, nineteen hundred and eleven. Wh th leni t ntiaries of the Unit d States Great Britain, "“m’,’°"‘_m Jgxlig, aiildlllusslg did, on the se:enth cllay of July, anno Domini M nineteen hundred and eleven, enter into a convention for the preservation and protection of the fur seals and sea otter which frequent the wziiters agi tliiebnorétlh Péicific Ocean, ct;-pvznttiicgat Pu P lm t t' c overnments 0 e ni e a , rea ’ ‘ %l1ll5lg.lI{l.I8S.g8.:l, anld Russia and the exchange of ratiiications thereof was eflecte on the twelfth day of December, mneteen hundred and eleven: Now, therefore, B 'tnacted theS tendH Rpresenwtiveso tlaelhitcd . Sta.t;szo;Ame1*ic‘¢'il/in O0nm.;·ee;1aseem0lill';:i;)"7l‘h:t no citizen ofche United r¤Ki£%¤°°1i2:iili States, nor person owing duty of obedience to the laws or the treaties °°°“‘ ‘°'*"“°”· of the United States, nor any of their vessels, nor any vesselof the