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504 SIXTYZSECOND CONGRESS. SIS. II. Cue. 376, 377. 1912. . an ‘ or at theeompsny $·..":··' '·’·=`·'*·Y·**’·—`=?"* §.'I?w°‘t°$3iL°&"%?`%'?.¥¤2r‘rL’t’°fz$t·a'·iZ r·>'?»;° ua:;`h&»?£c¤»¤_ of ig ° mm, line and Govanmen ¤¤• ° “'m8 G0? out tclegnph the stan les of the company, and_ib) fo uch d*¤¢P° desired rs pplrposes, ml mm of awater-pipe efo1·Goven¤¤ent ue; but allsucheom ‘“"’ “‘° °"°’“"‘Qi"h“°" “`“1.°°i1‘“%'1."Ttr°$°°"t»¤s°l‘...‘f.`éZ.$.” °°“‘l§'$’¤, and ' ter-I 't poser wi _ °P*¤’¤ .

od th:   And and company shall, upon w¤!·*»¤¤

cmg? mmm notice from the Secretary oi_War, and withm {reasonable time, construct operate, and maintain aB such spur and side tracks as ¢¤¤}' benecessiuytoservethereservestczehmmestobebmltupon the Fort Shatter Reservation by the United adjacent to san: company’s hue ofroad audahallal•o1erat•1|scar• theretoupo ted b the United totes, and shall sect and mmuynmwks csgltmc tiir 'tahla passenger shelter and a local ' tain o reserva n a sm _ ' tshellteratsuchpoints asmay b0d -by ‘h¤S0¤I'8t•$·Yy w U theconstruetionbyth•UnitedStatso¢mchreserve uuanonomnen. of ar. pon _ . . storehouses the said Pearl Harbor Traeyin Company (Lmuted) will mmuuct, on arightotw¤ytobeaoq¤¤¤d»l•yrtf¢r tb¤Pl¤'P°9¤» ¤¤ extension of its lilnes connect with Gsxla-éaplent tracksitcgncathrg F K eh t ¤°¤». . . o1‘i1:'ucl1agove·§e·iit tracigg subject to rules tr:is di: th ' terests good police sam an degaliltment commander may froui line to time _ In the constructiciri of the; upot:d SraI’t¤· Reeervgrhon sup: ugh err excava _ deposiigdooneihldlitmmanon at suehislaees aamay_bo designated b www pu- the commanding oficer at Fort S ter. The sud company shall essen transport {mg 0 chmégg ugon its regular passenger cars between the passenger station at ort haftgr ar}dHthe srltch reserva- ' ith t tr t mo one u asseugers iiiiilriiiig £ri>}ri1re<ii%o£ingc‘i:oca‘rIi5Ey;i;oint on the ltipes of the sgid gysterrtii ne me S .2.Tht t yo er norco raon ··=*—’·»=·¥’·*···*¤-y"” "’ herfaciter .eq?.s.§’§’€"§i°...”Zr'2££¥§l“‘rt.““°per.rr0¤’“0r°°. .r.f{T.‘i.m.., or other railroad on the island of Oahu, Territory of Iiawau, to_use the tracks, spurs, sidmgs, and other construction herein authorised <>¤¤¤•»¤~¤¤¤· on said reservation upon payment to the Pearl Harbor Traction Compan (Limited) of just compensation for such use. And whenever saidr right of way hereby granted shall cease to be used by said company the sarge shall rcvlert to the United Sfialtlepéd to _0d [ °··*•“°'•· S .3. Th tt rs erern graate are a err o fiftymyears, uiiless Esoliiirvgs altered, amended, or repealed bg gongress. A¤°¤‘*”"“‘~ Sec. 4. That Congress reserves the right to alter, amen , or repeal this Act. Approved, August 24, 1912.

 ..$i:.+;<.*:.§.?.3.;t‘r.£*:: E;     M Pm 0*

[Public, No. (X24.] Be it enacted by the Semzte and House of lfepreeentatives of the United }‘_%¤:¢g<_;ngrE_'i0m, States of Ame1-tea m Congress assembled, That a commission consistin commission to raves- of three Senators, to be chosen by the President of the Senate, and }§@§;,, ‘§,‘Q$’,§‘;‘,§‘f,,,,§,_’Q three Members of the House of Representatives, to be chosen by the ¤¤·¤¤¢¤¤¤-¤¤>*¤· Speaker, rs hereby created; such commission rs empowered to investigate the conditions under which the Governments of foreign countries purchase Amer·ican—grown tobacco, and whether there is any combination or understanding between the representatives of said iorcign Governments with a view of depressing the price of Arnencan-grown tobacco. The commission shall report the results