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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS: Sess. H. Ons. 37+376. 1912. 503 CHAP. 8'74.—A.nActToamend "AnActtocreateanAudit¢rot BailmedAccount¤, Awww 21, 1912. né°:::*:.::.*:r:r:;··.;;.·x.;·:.f·:.#‘lr...l.’“¤°:s:m..;£t:sma:a“%¢°—rd ·w·=··*y· ————" “‘“’ March third, nineteen hundred and three, and furother punurpoeesim ug ty-cueimd ‘ [Public, N0. su.] Be it enactedby Senate and House of Representatives ggtlte United States of America 1.11. Congress assembled, That the Act of ngress ap- AA¤d**g ¤¥ F~•¤*¤•¤ proved June nmeteenth, eighteen hundred and sevent —eight (Twen— °dh`£°é•i»n¤mea. tieth Statutes, page one hundred and sixty-nine), entitiiad ‘An Act to v°l‘ ”°• "‘ ’°°· create an Auditor of Railroad Accounts, and for other urposes," as amended by the Act of Congrem approved March eighteen hundred and eighty-seven (Twenty—ii1—st Statutes, page four hundred Vo1.21,p.40D. and nine), entnt Act making appropriations for the legslative, executive, and judicial expenses of e Government for e fiscal year ending June thirtieth, zghteen hundred and eight —two, and for other purp0ses," as amend by the Act of Mandi iird, nineteen hundred and (Thug-second Statutes, page eleven hundred and von, um mneteen), entitled "An ct making apsropriations for sundry civil P` enpenses of the Government for the fisc year ending June thirtieth, lnmeltfen huniraed and four, and for other purposes," be, and it is ere y, repe . . Approved, August 24, 1912. CHAP. 375.-A.n Act To authorize the elimination of of North Dako|:A A mz from the permanent system of highways plan. pan vmm Be itemwted by the Senate and House of R@resentatvS·ves of the United States o_fA.merioa in 0'ongress assembled, That the Commissioners of b,§‘*“"°* °* °°'”¤-*· the District of Columbia be, and they are hereby, authorized and North Dnkou Ave directed to eliminate North Dakota Avenue northwest between Third §X$,§"¥2l,§"E§§Ll§°;Q Street on the east and Georgia Avenue on the west from the perma- P'*"· nent system of highways plan for the District of Columbia, adopted in accordance wit the provisions contained in the Act of Congress v¤1.2·:.1>.534. approved March second, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, entitled "An Act to provide a permanent system of highways in that part of the District of Columbia lying outside the cities," and an amendment V°‘· 3**- P- 5*** to said Act approved June twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight. ‘ Approved, August 24, 1912: Ch.AP.376.—An Act Gran a r` ht of wa throu h the Fort Shatter Milita ·*“ !"£2J;““2· Reservation, Territory of Hawat§,g to tlii Pearl Hiirbor 'lgraction Company (Lirnitedxij ,_.4Ti3Q§']A_ . . and for other purposes. U’“bU°· N0- 3**1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House gl Representatives of the United States o{ America in Congress assemble , That to connect the waters “§`_?§u§}*_€;{{;;n’g{j of Pear Harbor, the naval station, and the Fort Kamehameha Mili— wah. I H be tary Reservation, and wharf thereon, with the Fort Shatter Mihtary ml[,"§°m,Zrn,”g,,'§€Z Reservation and with the street railway system of the city of Hon0— g,;L0;ég_h” °‘ "°>` lulu, there be, and is hereby, granted to the Pearl Harbor _Traction Company (Limited), a common carrier corppration organized and existing under the laws of the Territory of awau, an to its suocessors and assigns a revocable right of way forty feet m width throu rh the Fort Shafter Military Ileservamon, uion such route as shall be approved b the Secreta . of Vi/'ar, and su ject to such rules ·5§f,'f;“,{,Y“Q;_¥,',;_' ‘° and regulations in the interests o?,good order, police, samtauon, and discipline as the Secretary of War may from time to time prescnbe, but no part of the right of way shall be used for storage of rolling stock or material. The United States shall be entitled to the follow- 87618°——vo1. 37-yr 1-—-34