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502 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Snse. II. Ch. 373. 1912. vention, and his determination shall be conclusive u the question; and such proclamation may be modified, amendedzmdr revoked by groclasiation of the President whenever, in his judgment, it is eem expedient. pt!] O!

 ..f%·,£hT,?.“th?°r#‘3i»$ s..s.‘“°' "‘°..‘;’Z.*Z."’g..»."“‘.,‘i3'  

§°“ °‘ "‘°“‘a":r§*£‘te‘“ ‘“.1"“‘£"‘:¤$"“£‘i.,c‘i.;‘§°““¤$‘* f.‘3.$.i‘..$"‘?°" °.§ eyearsan aniserey, toe u·an all punishinents and gnalties heretofore enacted for the illegal lcilling of seals shall Egplioahle and uglon offenders under {’°•;,‘j°g&_ ml, M this section: Provided _ {at thm prohibition sh not apply to the uveexwu. annual killing on thelsnbilof of such male seals as are needed to supply clothmg, and boat skins for the natives on the islands as is provided for in article eleven of said convention- the skins oi allsealssoueediorfoodshall bepreserved andannualiysoldb the ganm e as 0 e m : t t, tvvezmt *2** trees sssmsmd rr ·‘*·“..,m..*·° svmiew wm upintionug the said five gm' suspension of gl ceminerciel hilling as above provided, sud k&mg maymlie resumed under authority o 1,,,,,,;,,,,;,,,,,, the SecretaKl:;Commeree and La : Provided, however, That the nunlbepggf t yegrfhlgtmalei selected fiom among the iiaisest and mos ec seals age ound e groun to be srisleivedtigz in e:.1h firsti no ever e following: mneteen undred seventeen; and in each year thereafter until nineteen hundred :iidv ¤°¤•*'*¤¤ •“¤• twenty-six, mchmve, five thousand. The Secretary of Commerce g;¤·$j¥;§·§°° md and Labor, or hi authorized agents, shall hsvemtherity to receive "‘ onbehalf_o£theT:lnited States anyandallfur-seslskinstakenas provided m the thirteenth and fourteenth articles of said convention uhm tendered f¢:·b:luel1ve1ythhytilth1e8Govmi1ime‘1;ts oicilapan Gag ri am m acco ce wx e rms o su arti · ' which are or spell become the prolgerty of the Uniezddagtates Sirom any source wh tsoever shall be so by the Secretagg of Commerce and Lgbor in suphéiarktet, at such gmtpls, and in su manner as he V may sem mos_ vanageous;a.n mused; { chg;]

.m.~¤:°? saltgryshell bcgpand mw flac Qllrggury of t§§.Inited thThe

.i IB _ 0 mmerce au r ' ‘t to nu m deliver to the authorized agents of the Canadian (igvdilnmgityand the Japanese Government the to which they are entitled under

•o{¢f*;f*{~m_ the provisions of the tenth article of said convention· to pay to

Great Britain and Japan such sums as they are entitled to receive hmmm d mm, respectively, under e provisions of the eleventh article of se,. convention, to retain such_skms as the United States may be entitled to retandunder the provisions of the eleventh article of said conven- $$3 Q3, ‘..‘Z$Z£E»."€i€’i1“$`.2¢Zfi§“t1‘.°‘·2s‘§ "° $°“¤%s°‘ "°"»§"?‘“.§F* ““" au o A mm- or perform by the provisions of the tenth, eleventh,‘i1h.i)rtie`<§nthf(ii:(i:i) W"? fourteenth articles of said convention; and to enable the Secretary of

ea:;   the ptrovgisions of the saiitih eleventh

_ _ , ou o an m 'I‘r ‘¤g'HB1;>t otherwise appropriated, the sum of fdur hiliiiilrliid tliousiiiisd ""°'•¢*° **“¤¢" Snc:12. That the term "pe shngn h · - me shall be taken to mean the apturin;,edii gift ‘•Pgrs9¤" cop- manner W§¤¤*·¤<>¢ver of fur $8815 W ’ 0 hl).8 S&XI16 are in the water? ¤*¤¤>°· The W01'dm.£;erson" where in this Act shall extend and be a lied mm md na to éuartn Tpgand coiporatxons. PP I•QO· Iii. t ct shall_ take effect immediately and shall continue m force until the termination of the said convexition. APP¤'°V¤d, August 24, 1912.