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512 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Cue. 385-387. 1912. points as tge General Superintendent of the Life-Saving Service may recommen . ‘ _ P¤*¤·¤°·*•- _ S . 2. Th t the Secretary of theTreasury be andhe is_hereby, ug°£r€ePii:;¤=°em autlzgrized aiild directed to provide increased facilities at ""‘**"“"‘ the rt of Portland, Maine, to cost not exce&mg forty-three thou- ““';‘i)0°‘“‘;Z.i‘“2“'°‘.‘§2‘ 2*53* ‘*°“"" PP!'0 » 118118 » _ · "$"i—‘i·"·*i .. %‘§“’,...· °°‘5;¥3?.;‘.$2’°¤.¤.‘““‘§?.?.2‘;°°eta.,'°““?.%“t$.?a.»¤.P°“ %}°é’.£G°.Y;‘:f1‘%3t2 [Pub\ie,No. . B i¢e1uu:tedby theSenatea¢ndHmsae of the United Pg·__¤· ¤· ¥¤¤¤ ,qm:,i,L`fAm,,·;w‘a» Cangm weqbgl, the govermnent of ,_,,'g§ m°°· ""’ Porto 'cobgetigznd is here , authtgnzeg, to eonstrupsia maixataigarand te an approaches ere across o e tm “_ geing ax? estuary of San Juan Bay, Porto Rico, in accsgrdauce with V"' °°"‘ theprovisions of the Act entitled ‘ An Act to regal-:cte the construetion of bridges over navigable watere," a roved h twent ·third, , . PP Y mneteen hundred six.

  • "'“"'“"· Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby

expresdy reserved. · Approved, August 24, 1912. E:-;§"R;‘:H; mtggnagi 8§7.TAn 1).::; To create :¤ a¤smbly·in the Territory of Alaska, B it enacted the Senate and H R presentati the United States of grnerica in Omagresa a:?nb¢&, 6 M if .§•r;,*;·,m 0,.,,,, ~ Anasxa Tzmzrron! oncamznn.-—Tl1at the territory ceded to the nggln 11::5 M United States by Russia by the treaty of March thirtieth, eiihteen ‘ hundred and s1;ty-seven, and known as Alaska, shall an constitute the Ternto¥y of Alaska under the laws of the United States, the government o which shall be organized and administered as provided lg said laws. °•v*¤* ••’¤¤¤•¤· Sm. 2. arrrax. ar Jmgmu.-—That the capital of the Territory of A1asl;a at_tl:e_cr3 at Juneau, Alaska, and the seat of gev- . ernmen ’ mam am ere. . ?*°‘°"°° •"" Sec. 3. CONSTITUTION aim Law or Uiwrrrm Sr _- h °°x°°M°¢ That the Constitution of the Unitgd States, and allT:§e%i:sNtl1?rwf which are not mapphoable, shall have the same force and etiect within the said Temtory as elsewhere in the United States; gliat all the laws of tlée States heretofore passed establishing e executive an 'u ici epart ts Al k shall ' eu em.-, ...4 es.; me .m..¤.i£`Z.‘} e‘,Z‘..¤.i°t§ Act ..‘}°33‘§‘§‘Z.*£ that_except as herein provided all laws now in force in Alaska shall contmue in full force and eifect until altered amended or re l d on ter- Z ’ §z.,,Y"'{,;,,, ,1 by Congress or the legislature Provided That th than 8 Hgh m·*p;”}v¤¤i¤¤·1 herein grantedztollhe legislature to alter, ameiid, modifyfaiild reglez laws m force m Alaska shall not extend to the customs, internal. revenu ail, or otlileagwgnerail llsws oigie Unigeld States cr to the gamni RD WB T8 - ° ` of the United States ap licable to A1ssk§:gd1?t0rtlh•esll11l1v§saIdf the v,,,_,’¤_,,,_ United States Xgoviding ger taxes on business and trade or to the Act entitled “Act to mvide for the construction arid maintenance of roads, the establi£nient and maintenance of schools and the oauiie and support of insane persons in the District of Alaska; and for o er purposes, approved January twenty-seventh, nineteen hun-