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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 387. 1912. 513 dred and five, and the several Acts amendato thereof: Provided T¤·¤<>¤- {urtlwr, That_ this provision shall not pperate tidy prevent the legisature from imposing other and additional taxes or licenses. And d£,l'°'*°° °°"“' °“' the legislature shall pass no law depriving the judges and officers of the district court of Alaska of any authority, jurisdiction, or funcgtorlgxercrsed by like judges or officers of district courts of the United a . Sec. 4. Lmersr.a·ruam.—That the legislative power and au- I·°€***·'¤¤- thorgty of said Temtory shall be vested in a legislature, which shall consist of a senate and a house of representatives. The senate §’§‘;'§;,,u,,_ shall_cons1st of eight members, two from each of the four judicial divisions mto whic Alaska is now divided by Act of Congress, each of whom shall have at the time of his election the qualifications of an elector rp Alaska, and shall have been a resident and an inhabitant m the division from which he is elected for at least two years rior Tam to the date of his electron. The term of cflice of each member o¥ the P K senate shall be four years: Provided, That immediatelg after they mmm m two shall be assembled in consequence of the first election they shall, by °'“'°" lot or drawmg, be divided in each division into two classes; the seats of the members of the first class shall be vacated at the end of two years and the seats of the members of the second class shall be vacated at the end of four years so that one member of the senate shall, after the first electron, be elected biennially at the regular Home 0, N t_ electron from each division. The house of representatives shall sum. "°°°° consist of sixteen members, four from each of the four judicial divi— -1-',?f""""’· sions mto which Alaska is now divided by Act of Congress. The term of office of each representative shall be for two years and each representative shall possess the same qualifications as are prescribed for members of the senate and the lpersons receiving the highest number of legal votes in each indicia division cast in said election for senator or representative s all be deemed and declared elected to such office: Promkled, That- in the event of a tie vote the candidates thus affected shall settle the uestion by lot. In case of a V•<=·¤¤¤¤~ vacancy in either branch of the legislature the governor shall order an election to fill such vacancy, giving due and proper notice thereof. That each member of the legis ature shall be paid b the United P" ‘°‘ ‘”"°"°‘ States the sum of fifteen dollars per day for each dash attendance while the legislature is in session, and mileage, in a dition, at the rate of fifteen cents r mile for each mile from his home to the capital and return by th: nearest traveled route. m u N mm Sec. 5. Euicrrou or ummmzs or um LEGISLATURE.·—Tl1|It the °° °"‘ °“ " first election for members of the Le§plature of Alaska shall held on the Tuesday next after the first onday in November, mneteen hundred and twelve and all subseqluent elections for the electron of such members shall be held on the uesday next after the Mon- Q M day in November biennially thereafter; that the qualifications of '“"°°‘°°"" electors, the regulations governing the creation of votmgtprecmcts, the appointment and qpalifications of electron officers, obs-p£ervision of elections, the giving of notices thereof, the forms of ts, the register of votes, the challenging of voters, and the returns and the canvass of the returns of the result of all such elections fcr_members of the legislature shall be the same as those m the v°,_,,_P_,, Act of Congress entitled "An Act providing for e electipn of a Delegte to the House of Rzpresentatives from the Terntcrg of Alas ," approved Max seven , nineteen hundred and SIX, an the provisions of said ct which are applicable are extended to sud electrons for members of the legislature, and shall ugovern the same, and the canvassing board created by said Act sh _ canvass the re- °¤'“"’¥'°‘“""· turns of such electrons and issue certificates of election to mem- Names ber elected to the said legislature; and all the penal provisions cou- v,,;_“,,,_m tained in section fifteen of the said Act shall apply to elections for