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srxrr-sEc0ND coztennss. ses. II. cu. ess. 1912. 529 For sup ort and education of one hundred and 2Eft Indian u ils l"•“P°*°° S°h°°*· at the Indian school, Wahpeton, North Dakota, and {my of sulpei?in— tendent, twenty-six thousand five hundred dollars; for eral re airs and improvements, includinfg fen of building undgthree &ousand dollars; for erection o silocdlnd purchase ogyasil cutter and other farm machinery, two thousand dollars; for pu1:E:se of milch cows_ and other l1ve_stock and poulgy two thousand dollars; for erection and completion of lipgpital h and equipment of same gwfllve thousand five hun dollars; in all, forty-six thousand o ars. OKLAHOMA. "“‘“°"" Sec. 17. For su port and civilization of the Wichitas and afiiliated m°u°"°°°‘ bands who have bgen collected on the reservations set apart for their saw"` ml usehzrrd occupatroin ?1k1a.homai1i§ive,thou|pi1and dollars. Ki on Secretariyo e terioris re au orizedtowithdrawfrom °"°',.n.‘ ., °" the Treasury o the United States, at hisydiscretio the sum of twenty- E•;¤•¤**°’*¢°”°¥· five thousand dollars, or so much thereof as maylhe n , of the funds on dem to the credit of the Kiowa, Comanche, m Apache Tribes of In _ in Oklahoma, for the support of the and pay of ample ees maintained for their benefit, and he is herehy authorized to withdiaw from the Treasury the further sum of forty thousand - dollars, or so much thereof as may he necemary, of the funds on degpsit to the credit of the Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Tribes of In ans in Oklahoma, for the construction and equipment of an Indian ,%‘,,"§,°,;‘,"?,,,'j,¥“ hoslgtal u on the Fort Sill Indian School Reservation in Oklahoma, to used onlyforthebeneiitofIndiansbelongingt0saidtribes;in “"=ri..i?‘“’fi?'s.m° °h°““““°¢dt‘it""xZ; be me he it 1. ···*-······- ··· t e taryo e terior is re ,authorized mm"' " to withdraw from the Treasu·}7 of the Uinited States, at discretion, um hm the sum of two hundred and ty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, of the funds on deposit to the credit of the Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Tribes of Indians in Oklahoma, and pay out the same for the benefit of the members of said tribes for their maintenance and support, and improvement of their homesteada, for the

 year, in such manner and under such regulations as he may

orsu rtan ci atrono e p oesan eyenneswo 9*-. _•¢¢· pri·°°1i°` 4 · smarter act 1. »···, have beeiipiiohected on the reservations set apart for their use and c£;·{¤e.°°° °°° occupation in Oklahoma, thirty-five thousan dollars. For support and civilization of the Kansas Indians, Oklahoma ¤¤•••!¤¤·\•¤¢ includinghagricul tural assistance and pay of employees, one thousand five hun ed dollars. _ _ _ _ For support and civilization of the Knckapoo Indians m Oklahoma, ¤¤¤v¤¤~ two thousand dollars. _ _ _ _ _ For support and civrhzatron of the Ponca Indians u; Oklahoma, Mm including pay of employees, eight thousand dolla1s._ _ For su port and education of five hundred Indian pupils at the ¤¤¤¤¤¢¤ ¤¤¤¤¤¤- Indian school at Cbilocco, Oklahoma, and for {pay of esruipermtendent, eighty-three thousand five hundred dollars; or gen repairs and improvements, seven thousand dollars; 111 all, mnety thousand five e hupdrecilualollars. th P O 1 F md p.,:‘., or Hl1mg' treaties wi awnees, oma: or perpe aan ty, annuity, to be paid in cash to the Pawnees (article three, agreement v°"'·‘*°“‘ of November twenty-third, eighteen hundred and ninety-two), www thousand dollars; {gr- su port of two manualtlabor schools (artrc e v¤1.u.p.m three, treaty of Septemlber twentiy-fourth, eighteen hundred and n,_,,, ,,,“,_ fifty-seven), ten thousand dollars; or pay of one farmer, two black- »¤¤$?`¤.ue¤;_m smiths, one miller, one engineer and apprentices, and two teachers (article four, same treaty), ive thousand four hundred dollars; for