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530 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cx. 388. 1912. purchase of iron apdmand otheg for the ihopsisnarticlg , treat . · or a o ic _ an mz; two bend (mss, .,. ..11, mesa or su rt o apaws, oma: or uca u e ree, goréy-seven tho1?aén-rl one hugdrughd dollar;. od tin (mid th ‘•'¤L"· “· treat Fil thirteenth ° teen hundred and thirty-three) one ”‘“°"’:m"°°“ thousyiufd dollllus; for and_a¤htants, and tools, iron; and mm ateel for_ blicnksmithualiop (iiarag a;tu:l§I§xdd°tir1eaty)i live lkunrggeez ,,,,,,,c,·,, ;m one ocean · no un ans.: e a Met at hd- gl; President Sp ge gunited States shall certify the same to be lor the —- t terests e . , . ?;,{}':f,,*,f§‘fY;,, Foinpay of sine stenographer and typewriter, nine hundred dollars v¥¤v••¤- gi: annum, pm addition to employees otherwise provided for at the . ewnee Agen . · . i°¢i5il]alo°::% For pay of ohh assistant clerk at seven hundred and twenty dollars, www one constable at five hundred and forty and one lease clerk_at eighthundred dollars per annum m addition to employees otherwise vided for at the Sac and Fox Agency, Oklahoma; in all, two thougud and sixty dollars · §'1,‘§§f’·,,,_ For pay of one financial clerk, at seven hundred and twenty dollars, v¤¤v•¤·· one clerk, at seven hundred and eighty dollars per annum, in aéllditnontiir ¢i:l1 £l'0’V1d6d for at the Seneca Agency; m , one thousand ve un . ,,?,'}°’,$_’;‘}‘;}'$‘ · ,'{,‘ That the Secretary of the Interioris hereby authorized and directed ¤¤,lg* num fm; to extend for a penod of one year the time for the payment of any ==·············* me “‘L'£*‘:31Er““°.l2.*r?§£‘iIf em ·*°· °*:..*E·ril**“*°'···· neo or mr a v une sevenw'·°P°m ileenth, ngnoteen hpxnadreélhmdten, ent EEE) ts; open to aieftlementan en u er egeneral m"onso e om te of the `Uniteddgtatm certain lands tll:State of Oklahoria, andlgdli other purposes,” and upon the payment of interwt for one year in advance, at five per centum per annum upon the amount due, such payment will be extended for a period of one year, and any payment so extended may annually thereafter be extended for a period of one "°"*";, ,,,,,,,,,,_ year in the same manner: 'l'hat_ the last payment and all other payments must be made within a period not exceedmione year · ma.; after e last payment becomes due by the terms of tho ct under which the enitlxiy was made; that all moneys paid for interest as herein proyrded ’sh be deposited m the Treasury to the credit of the mmdummmm ndians as a part of the proceeds received or the lands: Provkied mnnpymua. jar-ther, That ailure to make any payment that may be due, unless gh; same extended, or to make ani extended payments at or ore the time to which such payment as been extended as herein um provided, will forfeit the entry and the same shall he canceled, and ,_,{§,'g,’f° ° "°‘ any and all payments theretofore made shall be foneited: Provhied

nothingwhaxiein contained  izlfect any valid adverse

__pnor e pass o c . §§$§.‘,g'§l;,, M ,,_ The Secretary of the Interioragohereby authorized to approve the we- £indmga_of the district court of the State of Oklahoma for Ka (`}o&intyasx;ndtl·fe matter of the determination of the heirs of puck Bill; guetraeand onkawa _Ind1an; to make an eqmtahle partition of the pg such heirs, and, m discretion, to issue patents in fee to the adult hens for their respective portions of said estate. ' ”"°"°"""°'°" uva crvruzm reruns.

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,,,,.,_ 18. Flor exgenses of administration of the affairs of the Five ·*"“•P "’· U gvglged Tnbtgi klal:;)mu:;¤•aud the compensation of employees,