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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 388. 1912. 531 _ For payment of salaries of emplo ees and other enses of adver— ¤'*l°'°* r •*¤· trsement and sale in connection the dispositiollrxdf the unallotted lands and other tribal proplerty to any of the Five Civilized Tubes, to be paid from the proceeds 0 such sales when authorized ` py the Secretary of the Interior, as provided by the Act approved v¤¤.¤¤.m·m. arch third, mneteen hundred and eleven, not exceeding twenty- five thousand dollars reimbursable from proceeds of sale: Provided {,‘gg°·· That during the fscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred peuaralllglwiiadii and thirteen, no mon? shall be expended from the tribal funds "°“°°"“""°'*"‘ belonging to the Five 'vilized Tribes withouts ecilic appropriation by Congress, except as follows: Eetralization of allotments, per capita and other payments authorized y law to individual members of the respective tribes, tribal- and other Indian schools for the current fiscal year under law, salaries and contingent expenses of_ governors, chiefs, assistant chiefs, secretaries, interpreters and mming trustees of the tribes for the current fiscal ear, and attorneys forsand employed under contract approved b the President, _ » under exrsting law, for the current fiscal year: Providzd further, That ,,,€’$,°'§'}1‘,‘{,,‘“‘},f§,",f,'§l‘; the Secretary of the Interior is hereb authorized to continue the °°¤'·*¤¤¤¤- tiirbsll schools of the Choctaw and Chicgasaw Nations for the current c year. For expenses incident to and in connection with collection of rents °°"°°“"‘”“°'·°‘°· of unallotted lands and tribal buildings, such amount as may be hm necessary: Promiied, That such expendrtures shall not exceed in the u¤mi°‘ a.%regate ten dper centum of the amount collected. o enable _ e Secretary of the Interior to make the appraisement “‘§§’,°j,},'_j‘a°.‘;,P*hQ,*; and sale heremafter provided, five thousand dollars: Provided That rum the houses and other valuable improvements, not includingljencing £$.,‘L'§.'..,‘°"°'"‘ °°°’ and tillage, placed upon the segregated coal and asphalt lan in the _{g{g>{°"¤•¤*• lv Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, in_Oklahoma, by private individuals, while in actual possession of said land and prior to February nineteenth, nineteen hundred and twelve, and not purchased by the Indian Nations, shall be appraised independently of the surface of the land on which they are ocated and s all be sold with the land at public auction at not ess than the combmed appraised_ value of the improvements and the surface of the land upon which they are located. Said improvements shall be sold for cash the appraise- $•¤••.•¢¢· ment and sale of the same shall be made under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior and ninety-five per ccntum of the amount realized from the sale of the improvements shall be paid over under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior to the owner of the improvements and the appropriation herembefore made for this urpose shall be reimbursed out of the fiveaper centum retained fiom the sale of the said improvements; Pnomd , That any improve- _,{’;‘,’{,*],';g_•,_¤•*¤*¤• ments remaining unsold at the expiration of two years from the time when first offered for sale shall be sold under such regulations and terms of sale, independent of their appraised value, as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe: P edfurther, That persons owning ¤=¤¤v•·l awww-. improvements so appraised may remove the same at any time prior to the sale thereof, m which event the appraised value of the improvements and land shall be reduced by deducting the value of b the improvements so removed: Provided further, t this section $g""""""""",,,,,,, eg shall not apply to improvements placed on said lands by coal and asphalt lessees for mining purposes, but improvements ocated on lands leased for mining purposes belonging to, or heretofore paid for by, the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations shall be appraised and the appraised value thereof shall be adiled to the appraised value of the H { to land at the time of the sale: Provided further, 'l"hat where any “,,,?,,;,e'“’“°°,,,,,,,,,,, comets now exists on the said segregated coal and asphalt lands, •¤¤·=1·¤¤=¤¤¤ the surzce of the land within said cemetery, together with the land