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532 SIXTY·SEOOND CONGRESS. Sess. I]. Ch. 388. 1912.

 thsame heieneeessu-y, texeeeauj t t acres°

atlidieoagregatee to dn; one eemetery,n:nd where a c‘h°nIi·oh was an wetve an no one acre or ma m e we Ma **2* *·:¤*·...,.,...··· *{···*>* Dtttxtttttm wad diseretion dfjhe Secretary of Interior, be sold to the pro y, arty, . . . , . P6? P association or corporation, under such terms, eonditnonm and regulations as he may provided application to purchase the same ‘ ·forsuch1 ¤;· emtlunsnxtydaysfromthedateof the a v o c .

 on my- _ pmt the   of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized,

°"·""""°‘_ m his dmcretnon, tqaccegéaaymeut to the full amount of the purchme money glue molu mterest_to date of payment, on any town d as provided m agreements with any of the Five Tn and forfeited by reason of nonpay-· mcmn ment of amount due and not resold. ramen: so ee.: That the Secretary of the Interior is authorized and directed to £{’,$',,,,°"'*°‘•_ pay out of a.ny tribal of the Chickmaw Nation now standing to the credit of nation m the of the llnited States, four thousand nme hundred and eighty-six dollars and seventy Vinh, cents, to complete thejorty dollars r capnta payment to the citizens of the Chickasaw Nation, asmpivvngi for by section seventy-two of the Act of mv July first, nineteen hundred and two, mma to be a.v_ ‘ menngeesau. For treaties with Choctaws, Oklahoma: For permanent $“”"‘“°‘,_,_,_,,_ annuity (arti two, treaty of November sixteenth, eighteen hundred V¤¤-11g·_:4_;n and five and article :_L:>f June twenty-second, eighteen §§£’, in;.t hundrpiydfmd Eftyéiivpkight ho usukd dccillarsg for permanent annm qrsuppo o_ rsemenarti l’»h11"li66Il,'l'Ib_ f October eighteenth eighteen hundred and twenty and ehrhele th thirteen, treaty of Jzune twenty-second, eighteen and fifty. ¥·at··:t·t”* €¥;‘2t.m“‘§th“Z‘.;‘{§2‘}.“°""“.%.£.“Z "°%"”5';;°2t..““"" *°i:..°“""°'“ °* · · S11, 0 teen , teen. hundred and twenty, and artisan nine, treaty oglgldnuary twcgiilieth, gteen hundred and_twenty-five, and article thirteen, treaty of mmm e twenty-second, eighteen hundred and nity-tive), six hundred $3: engl dollars; for permanent annmtg for education (artrcle two, treaty of tJannary twentieth, eighteen undred and twenty-five, and article p mud ML Bvtlurteen) _ , tglaxty og guns twenty-second, eighteen undred and fifty- 3,* ;L,_,,&‘ e_, su _ usan ollars for permanent annuity for iron and steel , ¤¤- a (article mne, treaty of Jlmuary twentieth, e teen hundred and twenty-Eve, and article thirteen, treaty of I§ldne twenty-second,

hphn0dred angvgfgyiliigzzi thas: hulgdfgduhhd twenty dollars;

eqn. n. mss » an wen y o ara. tm The Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to .e,_e.. . , _ _ pa§,0utof ·*··"·*’-“`······· L%°t‘?tt‘tt°S&“.;?·;*e“*m..t.. e~..·:.;-.::.z»,:~;.1·:.,:—.e.·.:, of :2; Elantnon, the sum of three thousand dollars_per alnnum from March W amp, nineteen hundred and ten, to June tbirtieth, nineteen hundred ttP•sd¤ulPlrk. I hun' assumes-. · _For the construction of · · W 1».n,en.e,et..»pZ¤”3é“d“t§’eZfYt°§§1’F.°.§‘?3..§“t}°l22‘SiI§°‘€“‘

 "’ %l,.‘{"2f,?·"‘*3°’· °",;¤,*N ·=¤<>¤¤··¤d eve stmt Mm. P,,”_,_-,*3

‘ _ sm sum _ available wh lik · ’ émmun gud and made: available Z the %;d'§.S;lph?1rtmOTk]ll;hl:uizl;Pi:gition is mldepmggwbn mn of . enever said ippropna- Or so ch { Sulphur, Oklahoma, the entire amount, mn. ““‘ a..."°“ie"° ” “‘.K.“° “°°““‘§" °‘ “‘° “"‘“' “*‘P'° ’“*“°° by and _ town of ulphur Oklahoma Stall be expmdedunderthedirectionof theSecretaryi>ftheIute1ii>r.