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34 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cns. 45, 46. 1911. the iirst da of Ma , nineteen hundred and twelve, the same shall be Y mu mmm in Tre¤.:{‘y of the United States: And provided ,,,3,,,{' fart , That this Act s not apply to the Apache, Kiowa, and

 Comanche four ger centum fund of approximate y two m1lhon six

vu. asp. ans. hundred thousan dollars now on deposit in the United States Treasury under the tA§tu<;f June fifth, nineteen hunélrgl and s;ix (Tlhirty-fourth tes a ge page two un an irteen an subsequent Acts of Congress. ’ ’ Approved, August 22, 1911. .*¤""»·—¥‘··i5‘; ..,.°'*’..,,·*..%.r..,·*·*¤**.·;:.r·.*··(... .‘**·· :2.2.r.%.r*g:.*.:z·m·::·.·: [Pawn. No- 45-] nineteen umdnd ::3 and for other purpos¤," approved `May twenty-seventh, - B¢€tawdedbyth¢S¢na¢c and House Repreeentativeao the

"'1,‘.?‘;;°'p,'§‘;.‘§1‘;,§j United States ey asamblg That the limit off cost

Djgmd M, dm mhe auilding mclgdintiathe cost of £•§quiring_a siltie tgemigoi ¤¤i¤¤¤um•••a. an co or same au o m t n * ,..Y§.l;;,¥• " “°· Civil xpm riation Act agproved Ma); twenty-seventhfnlxileteen §:,•;¤:_¤¤·•*¢· B¤JQlght,fo{‘l19 ureauof Engraving and Printiggin the city of Wnalungton District of Columbia is hereby increas in the sum of one hundred and tif? thousand dollars; and said building shall_be constructed a acing of limestone, provided that the mtenor courts of said building may be open at one end. _ Approved, August 22, 1911,. 9 i _