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RESOLUTIONS. `...,..,..""* ‘·!..;¤'.tQ".1§ &.';°S'¥;’§‘$‘L%%$..{°éo*¤,,..”° "?’}°°“‘ °’ °°'”"" _.__..u_g_·`§`f;__,§*——°r;:‘j¤l_] Resolved by the Semateand Houseqf R¥»·eamtwtives of the United .‘ States of America in Oongresa assembled, That. the following sums are ¤¤ n6°:».?"' hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the following purposes: susan:. seam. For com%nsat.ion of officers, clerks, messengers, and others in the *’•¢°* service of the Senate, namegly: Sixteen pages for the Senate Chamber, at the rate of two dollars an fifty cents per day each during the session, from April fourth to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and eleven three theeusand five hundred and twenty dollars, or so much thereof as may necessary. . Iipri sasationery for committees and officers of the Senate, one thou- °"“°"°”· san o rs. In lieu of the unex nded balance of the a propriation for "'com~ f""",,¤",‘” °‘ ““’ iler of the Navy Yesrebook and indexer for genate gublie documents :3:,0:: {Pitman Pnlsifer)" for the iiscal year nineteen hun red and eleven, v¤1.aaQpp.7ea,u'n. md the amount appropriated for "compiler of Navy Yearbook and indexer for Senate public documents, Pitman Pulsifer," for the iiscal year nineteen hundred and twelve, there shall be made available so much of the sum of sand nnexpended balance and appropriation as may be necessary for the payment of salary to the person or persons designated by the Committee on A(pproipr1ations of,the Senate to per- hmm 0, mom form such work of compiling an in exing. And the unexpended es-. fw X { balance of the sum of six thousand five hundred dollars, or s0_much $'§,}_°,,_,,_‘€{§_° ° ‘ thereof as may be necessary, appropriated for "compiling and indexing reports and hearings when necessary of Senate committees and gint committees of the Senate and House of Representatives under `tman Pulsifer, indexer," in the urgent deficiency Act appsroved December twentv~third, nineteen hundred and ten, shall a o be expended for such work of compiling and indexing under the direction of the Committee on Appropriations of the Senate. uousn or nrsrnnsrznrxrxvms. ntgunotmpnmtl _ For stationery for Members and Delegates and Resident Commis· “°"“°"°"'· sioners, at one hundred and twenty-tive dollars each, for the first mon gfsghe gig?-second Congress, forty-nine thousand seven hunan t o rs. For the fohowing employees during the first session of the Sixty- seoond Congress, but not lon r than until and including June th1r· tieth, nineteen hundred and xven, nameliil For forty-six pages, including two ri g pages, four telephone "'°‘ Plgw, One press gal ery page, an ten pages or duty at the ent¤m06S to the Hall of the House, at two dollars and fift cents per day each; seven messengers in the post office, at the rate oione hundred dollars per month each; three telephone operators, at the rate of seventy- 35