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36 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Rm. 1-4. 1911, five dollars r month each; in all, twelve thousand eight hundred P6 and fifty-six dollars and twenty cents, or·so much thereof as may be Fownz. For folding speeches and pamphlets, st a rate not exceeding one gollar per tlaouasand, tooontinue awéaglallile during the fiscal year nineteen an e even, two o srs. Approved, May 8, 1911. Egtlzl No. 2;} Joint Bsahluéion available 2% for l , Dv . Besolvedbyth SenateandHou•e tatioes t}•eUn£ted ¤.,°£}',,?'s,,‘*§"f,}’,?.'f,'.i of imerigz in Congress aseernb($ e ippiillfriations for _b¥*{:¤¢¤¤•¤¤ •'•“· mileage of Senators, Members of the House of Repegrepentatives, and v¤¤.sc,pp.u·n.un the Territories, and expenses of _ _ 'dent Commissioners, made m the legislative, executive, and judamal apprpprmtnou Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and twelve, approv March $:·:dt~‘2.:;:··°· ‘*·:¤...*‘¥··*..t.;“‘:..s’·:..···I..,..‘·>*·.e..··t‘}, *:2: ··*¤:1°.:*s.,.“·‘*...,':1· ‘ Members of the §ouse of Delegatgu from the Terri: tgnglg (C':mmtssioners for attendance on the first sessxon o e -seco ‘ ngress. _ . Approved, May 8, 1911. - · Irgslpdn;-I w%;:.r:gn.;¤dnBe?:¤;_¢;mTeg;t%¤§meewwmeApe1•$•nRed&mwaw¢ Pub. Bu., No. 3.] . Resolved by the Senate and House of the U °ted C,$:·*’·=•¤ *‘°° Stem of America in Qmg·re•e_ authosify be, amiis

~¤`I.T...’.·····,§'%°'·;§";‘*‘¤ 22”m”’ ’i§L'°t1‘3¤i“Z¤°E%‘°§0%5.’%%€‘.“°&’3’ ..F..e."i“‘*""e..·S°“‘°.§‘.’*¥¤.T,“’· "’$"“‘

KY · · · 1 ml BBIII necessary to the exec t' eomufttee { th A nean' Redéioss erect for exhibition pugrgszas at the megtingtof ta: International Bet; gre? in négeteen lhlpudred usd twelve temporw· structures in Potomac ar oro erpu °c u inth °t· I `tet ,,,,{,,_ be .ppm.e by the 5f§.,¥e n¤g?..§‘e.¥»;°1»0»‘*.?z.d““”i°, ».‘£z°5.§6L.ie3 N°°*P¢¤*°· °*°- ghtates shall be gutll'0 no extra expense of any kind tberebiggd that e structures s sl be prompt]! removed by the American _ Cross at the close of the meeung, an the site cleared of all débrxs and put inas good condition as before the erection of the structures. pprov , A , . A ed May 11 1911

  • ·¤¤·••·¤•*L [N4. J· men · · ·
 -c..~,Z;*:1,·°§§:.:::·‘£·"“ii·i$·i’€i”*$“*'*·“~i¥i ··=·~··°“"“ *’·¥***·m»"’—······-··=°°‘“‘

Resolved by the Senate and 0 R ive• of tde United llsqialauveexpenses State, A ' cb"?}. an b& . ·° herebyq{pp out oft; mon in the 'J.Ehreasue fouowing sum;·m%l-I appropriated, for the followingypurpggey B ry not who E '°”‘ SENATE. °°“",,m,,,"’°'°"" To reimburse th Eicial mcmdg ····· g.dSE:ef°,Bgp:.?.,;,;s:.%*sz£;%r.P§e.s.·:::::2‘h:‘*S*.;:;= n ngrws, orcer ire d th 1 mu` 8 thousnd six hundred and ninetyeflive) d§ll:1;?`c (mul sc ° thus