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- SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Rss. 4, 5. 1911. 37 The omces of assistant postmaster and mail carrier, at two thousand °¤•=¤ •*·°”•*·•°· and eighty-e' ht dollars and clerk, at one thousand six hundred dol- I ‘ M lars, as provided for in the Act making aslprgpriations for the legisla- v° In '”‘ u tive, executive, and judicial expenses of e overnment for the liscal ear nineteen hundred and twe ve, and for other purposes, approved K/[arch fourth}! nineteen hundred and eleven, be, and the same are 0¤¤·•¤¤·¤·¤· hereby, abolis ed, and the following offices are hereb created in lieu thereof, to take elfect duly fourteenth, nineteen hundred and eleven namely: Chief clerk of the dpost office, at one thousand eight hundred ggllars; and messenger at e card door, at one thousand six hundred For fold1ng` speeches and pam hlets at a rate not exceedin one *°"““‘· . dollar per thousand, two thousand, five hundred dollars. g ~_HOUSE or nnrnnsnsrnrivns. .J$‘;L·‘°°""’*"°'°"" For the following employees for the month of July, nineteen hun- °°"'°" °""'°’°°" dred and eleven, and until the adjournment of the lirst session of the Sixty-seeond Congress, namelv: For forty-six pages, including two pages, four telephone Y•8•*· pages, one press ga ery page, an ten pages or duty at the entrances to the Hall of the House, at two dollars and fifty cents per day each; Seven Eliessgligers in the post office at the rate o one hundred dollars m{w•f•°¤¤°’¤ *¤ Pm per mon ea ; T ephone operators, at the rate of seventy-tive dollars per ¤,}f'°""°"° °’"“‘ mon ; In all, eight lthousand seven hundred and fifty dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. For folding speeches and pamphlets, at si rate not exceeding one '°"""" dollar per thousand, to continue available during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and twelve, two thousand dollars. To reimburse the omcial reporters of debates and the stenographers ,.£m°m ""°'°”"`* to committees of the House of Representatives for moneys actually E*”"°¥"°°* expended by them for clerical assistance from March fourth to August fourth, nineteen hundred and eleven, on account of the tirst session of t1l:§1Sixty-second Congress, four hundred dollars each, four thousand ars. eovsimmmrr rsimiso ormcs. »..‘§‘3§t'Li“““' """ To emble the Public Printer to y messen rs to Con essional c,,’f,""""°"°““”‘”"’ Record and work of committees, oiianight dug; during tg; special nm session of the present Congress, for extra services rendered, four hundred dollars each, one thousand two hundred dollars. Approved, August 8, 1911. <>. 5. roam me s s · · . venues * "·”¤· nga, thm i.“°'°.ns £...F§’i.'!,“.?..°T"‘ °°"‘”‘ ""'°"”‘"°""°" ""'° fl',] Resolved by the Senate and House 0 Re entatives of the United S¢{1!¢§ of America in Congress assembled, Thzdtuthe sundry civil app1’0- fo¢i):12l`?pnr.|i:$)<l|edA?cu priation Act approved March fourth, nineteen hundred and eleven, is amended as follows: mm Mommuu So much of said Aet as appropriates thirty thousand dollars for Ssnizarinm, s. nar. an electric lighting Iemt, ineyud the enlargement of the power ""°°f,§_° *"‘“‘* °“`~· h0\1§e and one new hoiler at the·§lttle Mountain Sanitarium, Hot nv:-‘¤¤· v· 1*11 Springs, South Dakota, is repealed. Tlw lppljopriatiou made in said Act for analyzing and testing of §‘§g;",§§"‘{,§},°°’,p,,,_ the <¤0¤·l¤» hgnitcs, 0l‘0S, and other mineral fuel substances belongrigg =¤·%Lre§¤¤•¢}-m_ to or for the use of the United States is reduced from one hun "' and thirty-five thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars.