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562 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 390. _ 1912. <>·¤¤¤¤i¤¤°¤ *'”*° Before the completion of the canal, the Commisgion of may am · · sqm, make rtto thePres1d tof thetrrecorromendationmgardmgthe mi artisti<?Mof the::·uctn1resof thetcanal,s11chreporttobe "°“‘ Sec. the President is hereby authorized touprescribe and fromtimetotimechangethetousthatshall beleu by theGovernment of the United Shtzltes for of the Pangna Canal:

    • ¤¤••· mm, Pmmdedj That tolls, prescn as a ve,_ clmnged,

mw unless six month; noticgthereof shall have been given by the Presi- °°·•*"*'° "'"' dent by proclamation. No tolls shall be levied upon vegsels engaged an"` in the coastwise trade of the United States. section foam-one

“;_‘;;’g; l1:u·r:1dre<¥‘o]1iidthirty-twooftlmBemsedStatufesmhereby to

v•u• mum •¤ "S:x. uggfweuels built within the United States and belonging ”‘““"‘ whollytocitizensthereof;andve·sloAelo‘whichmayhecapturedrnwar b 'tih ftheU`tedStates wfull condemnedas rize,or

 mayobés adjuldgoldh to be forfeited   of theplaw s

ance the U `ted tates; seagomng' vessels, or , £'F'•“z°‘• "'dlz vrhichliave been by the Steamboatylnsmtlion Service as safe to carry dry andppanahablecargo, not more _ fiveiears old atthetinmthetyroiolp yforregst1y,whoreverbo1lt,whi are_to_ onl in e with forengncountnes or_with the Plxllrpsme 4¤¤¤¤¤I¤*¤¢¤¤*P an¢¥theislandsofGuam¤1d'l\1tuila,bungwh¤illyo by citizemof theUnitedStotesoreorporations0man1zedandchartere$i underthelawsof thellmted States_orofan£°Stato thereof, dantandmanagungdimctoxsofwhwhshall citixensoftbe mted Statesorcorporationsoignmsdandcharteredrrndertlielawsof the United States or ofan tate thereof, the President and managing directors of which shallhe citizens of States, and_no others, canvas lI'¤N`u‘ may be registered as directed in this title. _Fore1gn-built vessels. “°" registered ursuanttothishxtshallnotengagernthecoastwnse trade: hm. Provided, 'Phat a foreign—built yacht, pleasure boat, or vessel not used nigga °¤ ‘°'°*‘“ or intended to be used for trade admitted to American registry vouanuw- pursuant to this section shall not be exempt from the collection of ad valorem duty provided in section thirty-seyen of the Act approved August fifth, nineteen hundred and nine, entitled ‘ An Act to péoyide revenue, ezualnze duties, and encourage the mdustries of mted m’*·• ,,,,g•*':*'§‘{’,§{ States, an for other purposes! That all materials of foreign pronsglgvivnmt gg- duction which may be necessary for the construction or repair of ,J.'.‘3.k..f°‘ ’· · vemels built in the Umm sam ma all me materials necessary for the or repair of their machinery and all articles neces» sary for their outfit and equipment may be imported into the United States free of duty under ations as the Secretary of the pucqirlaéonwgnugr •¤ Treasury mady prescribe; _ _ further, That. such vessels so vox. can an. admitted un er the provmons of this section may contract with the Postmaster General jmdei: the Act of t , eighteen hundred and mneggme, entitled An Act to provide for ocean mail service between United States and foreign Borts, and to promote commerce; so lor? as snch vessels shallm I respects comply with the Rimini provrdongons anboreqmrements of sud Acg." _ d t I may n @088 or ne registere nnage, ’ ment tonnage, or othe1·?se and may be based on om? form ofllldp was sm;»¤¤¤•¤·•= for warshrps and mother fonshilps of commerce. The rate of togs may be lower upon vessels nn allast than upon vessels carrying

  • '°“°“"'*°°"""· passengers or cargo. When based upon net re§stered tonnage for

§l;1°psc:ntoommolr¢;e tolls ago!] not oicoed 01151 dollar and twenty; 6 1'¤g¤stered n than of the Umm States and its_citi]lz(diis, tht? tllic Bdstimatddrgrfgdrv__k_u_“_L tronate cost of the actual maintenance and operation of the canal, vn.e,,r¤•s subioct, however, to the provisions of article nineteen of the cou. ventmn between the United States and the Republic of Panama,