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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 390. 1912. 563 entered into November teen nineteen hundred and three. A If the tolls shall not be basewlzlhupoiilket registered tonnaége, they shall ..,L’2._“°‘ ""°“ °" not exceed the equivalent of one dollar and twenty- ve cents per net registered ton as near? as the same may be determined, nor be less than the equivalent o seventy-five cents per net registered ton. ` The toll for each not be more than one dollar and P“'°""" . fifty cents. The _ dent 18 authorized to make and from time to °"*·"°!‘ time amend regulations governing the operation of the Panama Canal, . and the and control of vessels throng}; the same or any part thereotfi thelocks a1&dp?proache:h0 to, and all rules and regula ons ecting 'otsan `ot in canalorthea preaches theretg t the adjacent wstepsalge P P. d uc r a ions rovi e or rom t ad’ustment b agree-` ,,"'“,,,,°"*', ,_°"‘“",,, ment and t of claims for deimages whizzh may gg- to ansefrom mjurytov ,cargo, orpassengers from the passing of vessels thro»;¥ the locks under the control of those operating them under such _ es and regulations. In case of t siut may be broufght in the district court of the Canal Zone against the governor o the Panama Canal. The hearingtand disgition of such casesshall beexpeditedandthe';6ljiudg1ne11tshall immediately paid out of any mone appropris or allotted for canal operation.

 shallcl _ provide a metgiod folilaiihe determinatiop and www no employ-

jus en 0 _ aimsansingoutoperso in'uriestoem oees _ thereafter occurring while directly engaged in actxial work in wgggzzngf of mm tion with the construction, maintenance, operation, or sanitation of the canal or of the Panama Railroad, or of any auxiliary canals, locks, or other works necessary and convenient for the construction, maintenance, operation, or sanitation of the canal whether such injuries result in death or not, and prescribe a schedule of co screenintion therefor, and may revise and modify such method and si-igedule at any time; and such claims, to the extent they shall be allowed on such adjustment, if allowed at all, shall be paid out of the mone hereafter appropriated for that puixose or out of the funds of th; Panama Rasroad Company, if said company was responsible for said injury as the case may require. And after such method m,*’_§*£' ‘*"’ **1*** and schedule shall be provided by the President, the provisions of V¤1.¤».1>.¤6& the Act entitled "An Act granting to certain employees of the United States the right to receive from it compensation for injuries sustained in the course of their employment} approved MaZnthir· V°l·“•P~W· tieth, nineteen hundred and eight, and of the_Act entitled “Act relating to injured em loyees on the Isthmian Canal," awlroved February twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and nine, sh not apply to personal injuries thereafter received and for_ which are subject to determination and adjustment m provided in this section. Sec. 6. That the President k authorized to cause to be erected, ¤§‘_`,f,§§,i°¤g,§¤”°’,,‘; maintained, and operated, sub'ect to the International Convention riggzrinnjm and the Act of Congress to regulate radio-commumcation,_at smtable .4»d,lfi. wa places along the Panama Canal and the coast adijacent to its two terminals, in connection with the operation of said canal, such telegrap5c installations as he may deem necessary for the operation, maintenance, sanitation, and protection of said canal, and or other On mms asspurposes. If it is found necessary to locate such mstallatiourpzgpon '°"· territory of the Republic of Panama, the President is autho to make such agreement with said Government as_may be necessary, and also to provide for the acceptance and transmission, by said system, of all private and commercial messages, and those of the Government of Panama, on such terms and for such tolls as the President maly pre- Pmm scribe: Provided, That the messages of the Government of the mted cmrrmaeme or em States and the departments thereof, and the of the ‘“°""“