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564 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 390. 1912. l Panama Canal shall al be g1vcn` preced all th - w "‘ sages. The Piesidemt gaglio authorized, in?lii?dzc·;etio1i:; tg mto such operatmg_agreunentsb°¢;1;; with anyflp)rivat‘e81;v1gireless company or compamss m may msure om m m erence withthewirelesstel hicmstallatio establishedb th U'ted _,Pj*$°°g°,°{};’g€°“g'i5, States. The Preaide1§r§ako authorizelgto establish, uiaint?ain,ma.nd zpgphezdmy b• ¤· piperate, the Panama Railroad Compan or otherwise, dry we, ac., num. ocks, repair ops, yardsndocks wharves, warehouses, storehouses ’”°· and other nccessa? facilities and aplplurtenanca for the purpose of providing coal an other materials, bor, repairs and supp 'es for vess¢ils_ the §io f United States and, incidentallrg, for su ying suc a resso e prices aasing vmds wililli appropriations hereby authorized lic be made noinmsiigw gg byCon§asapartof themainte.nanceandoperationof thesaid V·· ¤*¤¤·=·*P¤· canal.d°d gays reedv;ddff1omc:1he conduct oéland business may be ¤p¤u rexnves orsu p wi tbem§' covered into theTreasuryof theUnit¤edStates· 5 h b printed for suclrpurposes, but all, BZPSZK peg]; fzhx of existing law relating to the deposxtpf other pu _ mted States, and anx not profits accruing from I atpdnuahy br; covered mto the Treasury of the ¤ m . on md up", ‘ °°°°"’°°°*°`"°' shallrgle nihalemto the Pt;g§E•lin((§0by(llne persons m charge, and mag re s made ngms. ,,,,,,°"'“",,,,’°"° °"“ gone. 7. Thatthe verm f th Panama.Canalsh•lI,° eonmeip ¤¤v¤¤¤rf¤¤ Mw withtheo tion¢?snch:ainal,liaveoflioialcontrolau§° dictio: dmlimmu vummou ne, w m 2{§"£&’g0 z°"2 '3}"’ti.“?°"o¤’°"i’0"“ ‘“rL*Z‘h“"£'3i‘§i.”;¥§“°“ ¥QS" A gteiverned as and:ilj·nIpct_of suc; Panppla Canal. Unlessuiinathis c o erwiseprovidexisting wso eCanalZonerefe to the civil governor or th `vil administrati of the Canal Zo gall be applicable to the govgrgor of the Panamfllanalgvho shall ggrllonn all such executive and administrative duties uired b exis la . , ,,,,,, . . . . mq ¤¤g w ,¤L°"¤•*°"°*" The President is authorized to determme or cause to be determined what towns exist in the Canal Zone and subdivide and from time to time resubdrvrde sud Canal Zone into subdivisions, to be desig. natled bidnianne or nuxgbsg, sl<;0tha(t; there zhall ge situated one town in eac su v1sion,an e unaneso hall

·.::·:::,·:·:;:.:¢.; 0. dpmy d¤¤;·¤<·. rq· ~·q¤ ;»·;¤_•.¤m mi“£t Z“mt§§€$2a5S .,0..*;*

°`”"‘ §°£1E§§‘??L°£¤“$”£4S %`}‘Z’n?"°a"$‘£¤" °°°""°’fY».‘§ `iill “‘° °“"‘“"‘*’i°" _ cases in w c ‘

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‘ en a may nmpos s notexceedafine of one hundred dollars or rmpriso t t ' both, and all violations of policenrJ:gicilatIigns&x l2f1nl`<1;Zsd»i‘ny¤sl,;)ll actions.mvolving possession or title to personal ro or th ' entry and detamer of realestate. Such maggtrapetgyshall zlgirlhlcllcl prehmma? investigations in charges of felon and offenses under see- Mmmmem wh tion ten o this act, and commit or bail in baiiible cases to the district umd ,,,,d,,,,,,,_ conrt._ ·A sufficnmt number of magistrates and constablw who m t be citizens of the United States, to conduct the of smilgh courts; :1;;;. be tithe governor of the Panama Canal for . Y¤¤¤ _ errsuccessom ted - xieda and the compensation of such persons fixedmbygutlile mgm wu;.] dent' or by lm authority: until sud} lFllD0 E mn b ,,,1,,,,,, · ugbgegulste the same. ffhe rules governing said com-ts mean-; sen mg the_ duties of sand magistrates and constables oaths and bonds, the times and places of holding such courts the dis iti f fines, coats, forfeiture enforeements of ’ pgs- on 0 , judgments providing for appeahth¤¤ixomto thednt1iotcourt,andthedisa:osition, treat-