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566 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 390. 1912.

.·;2.·*f***..······..*.:.,*.;*;1*··°’··**¤ “J· md 2..‘··m.*· **..****%..*;.3**

whersugpl co , exec ..*2.;-.:·:·-·*·········· °"°r..,...1l“““"‘§’“‘° °°“" "' °1‘l..°‘““ ’ °"".§°°a’2°o.Z’Q..1°‘2““‘ TES mpumm _ ma contmue _ supreme court . _ onean retannthei: thereofmofficefor such timedamhmreyslelecxp; necessary e an causes an roceedmgs w _g¤°¤;:¤·;¢“&•j¤¤¤¤- guy be pending therein. of the Ca£al_Zone utnes upon the clerks or nnmstenal officms of existing courts sh apply and impose such duties upon the and officers m‘t:iotB;ewmc311`;·mti:eaudhythmAethamg3umdicumofHkecasw, , u . P¤¤¤e••¤¤ moo- All axis la the Canal Zo ° ti d ··-···=·-···~·····~- ea.? 1¤?u¤`;°eii»`u;sth°¤a.u be ‘2,‘Z,.i.‘Z.Y.‘i‘?‘;’“;'i..§";T°.i.,‘i°t..1““t.."r'.§’.§ rac ce an rocedurem newcourte. ¤i¤°$T»•hi$$$°é$”PTh¤Ci¤¤i¥C0¤§¢9fAQP¤hdtb¤l$fthCimmtdtheUmwd ecrees o §..*·...** .¤.;*:"..;*:.*;*.2.·**‘~‘·**·..z·::.*·:.*·"···· §°£°e.‘;‘°,.;‘3’e.‘°..Y:’°2’·..‘I‘ Exial Zone and to render sash th5l;>;£g1Lpn of th; appellate court should ve been ren rm, ' all actnons in which the Qonstitutixm, or any gzatut?

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themmder denied, m cases m w value £$°.§`£.’£ °‘°°°`*“..§"£‘;*“‘t‘i1`Z.‘;‘.1‘.$' "°‘{."£ *3..1...-"° “°“‘7{".°»I}.."#’ ‘;m:§.l r 0 6 00 lll ° "'°°°"“"· causes wm theoifense is punishable as a fel]:1y. And suchappellate_|urmd1ctmn,su]ectto therightofreviewbyor appeal_to theSupremeGourtof theUnitedStatesasinothereases authorized by law, may be exercised by said circuit court of appeals m thesamemannenunderthesamereéiulations, and by thesame rocedureasnearlyaspracizcableasis `vrmg° theiinal h iiudgments and decrees- of the dktrict courgleliflilhioicllllnliited States. ,,§,§,‘}'*‘,}?,g,,"*Cj¤*_*; Sec. 10. That after the Panama Canal shall have been com eted ¤¤¤•·•¤=· hand opd$•negg§r operatwn tghe gplvernor of the Panama C shall ve to make su d regulatie , b` approval of the President, touchingtlixd of an;Spel:o1i°tld rtgxntaxliii thm Argon or pzss over_auy partici ctiilelglanal ne as_may be necessary. ,,Q’**'*¤•° yperso vnolatmganyo su _ pscrregulatxonsshallbogullty of adm1z:dems%a3p1g°and on co1;’;1ct1%1; in the District Court of the Can ne__p aentcxceedmg'fihdred _ d to dollars or bi imprisonment not exceeding Z year, or bothrin til: disugiguam °•¤·¤· eretmnoofin e court. 5;. be 1u{;wIul for any person, by any moans r anyway, mjureoro ruct or tte tto" L obstruct, any part of the Panama Caual_or'theilockIis1Ptherei.>IfJo]rl8tl;1)ia` """'*‘““" gplsngoaglgez g11e)r.eto.m$ny person tgolatmal th;m provision shall be on eo ‘ ‘ anal Zone shalldie punished lblyuin figeiliot tgiiutthoiinieikd dollars or by mpmsonment not twenty years, or both in ”°••°*’•°•°*°· thechscretnono thecourt. Iftheact ca th " person within a year and a da thereafter theumpersoo death of my

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