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568 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. II. Ch. 390. 1912. ¤¤¤•¤¤1¤• 0* ¤°°• That section six of said Act to regulate commerce, as heretofore °°$¤1. ae. p. asv; von. amended, is hereby amended by adding a new paragraph at the end Mnmmmsh th?f°°fw’h'm“ follows: bq ° t rted from int to int in ¤‘·•¤¤¤¤*·¤·¤u { roperty may or as rans °qr¤}°¤.¤,·¢s theUnited)Statesbyrailandw•tertEo1ightheZé)0anamaC)a(?nalor ¤¤‘i»°2i °' otherwise, the transportation being by a common eamer or earners, and not entirely within the limits o asnngle State the Interstate Commerce Commission shall have jurisdiction of such transportation and of the carriers, both by rail and by water, which may or do engage in the same, in thefollowing partie , m addition to the jurisdiction givenby theAct commerce, as amendedJuneeighteenth, nineteen hundred : ’¤‘¤ ¤¤·•¤**¤¤ ¤°<* " a Toestablhh ys1eal` eonnectionbetweenthelines of therail °$°°•i»‘&°°¤$¤¤b°"£ and the docklhlf the water carrier by directing the rail carrier '“'* to make suitable connection between its lme and a track or tracks which have been constructed from the dock to the lumts of its right of wa , or by eitherorboth the rail and water earner, individu&or m connection with one mother, to construct and connect with line of the rail carrier mow tcrlack or tr3c0ks_to the 2:;% curse; Thisprov1s1o"n o a w su eonnec_ nisreaso practicable can be mlhlde vgihrsafety tojhegibliig and where the . amount of to be handledis sufficient justrfy the outlay. nasmnauea ol "Thecommhsionshalll1avofullauthe>¤tytodeteumne thetenns """*· °‘°‘ and conditions nwhmhtheseconnectnng tracks, when constructed, shall be operatglto and it may, either m the construction or the operationofsuchtracka, gleterminewhatsumshall bepaid to orbyerther carrier. Theprovmonsofthis shallgxtendtocaseswhere the dock is owned by other Eames the earner involved. roeubum ¤¤¤¤s¤ " (b) To establish threug routes and maximum joint rates between '°°‘°'"“"°i°° ”‘°` and over such rail and water lines, and todetermme all the terms and conditions under which such lines shall be operated m the 1>·»¤¤¤¤¤·¤¤¤ ¤r " c o esta maximum ropo ra y an m °‘**z°:*;*““*m:.:.r¤r°d· .. , are dr,. "°’°‘°°"‘1 ”°°" the ports to which the traihe islgrought, or from which it is taken by the water carrier, and to determine to what traiiic and in connection with what vessels and n what terms and conditions such rates shall apply. B proportiorigo rates are meant those which differ from the corre:£on¢hn31local rates to and from the port and which apply only to tr c whi has_been brought to the port or is carried from the port by a common camer by water. ¤_'¤:“¤¤b·:;'¤°§_*;¤$ " (d) If any rail earner subject to the Act to regulate commerce aaa water mam to enters into arrangements with any water carrier 0 rating from a port °“‘" '°"°“‘· in the United States to a foreign country, throughzhe Panama Canal or otherwise, for_ the handling of through business between interior ggmts of the United States and such foreign country, the Interstate mmeree Commission may recpluire such railway to enter into similar arrangements with any or all other lines of steamships operating from said port to the same foreign country." ”%¤¤¤¤·>¤ M v¤> The orders of the Interstate Commerce Commission relating to this °”` section shall only be made upon formal complaint or in roceedings mstituted by the commission of its own motion and after gill hearing. rumen.; users, The orders provided forin the two amendments to the Act to regulate °‘°· commerce enacted in this section shall be served in the same manner and enforced by the same penalties and proceedings as are the orders of the commission made under the provisions of section fifteen of the vu. se, pan. Act to regulate commerce, as amended June eighteenth, nineteen hundred amtlhten, and tliey may l;e ctmilnditioned or the payment of any sum or e giving o security or e ayment of an sum or the girsicharge of any obligation which may be rgquired by thelgerms of said er.