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SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Cris. 390, 391. 1912. 569 Sm. 12. That all laws and treaties rela to the extradition of F·*¤'““”°¤ ‘·*¤· persons accused of crime in force in the Untiilegi States, to the extent m'm°'°°°' that they mfg; not be m confiict with or superseded by any special treaty ente mto between the United States and the Republic of Panama with respect to the Canal Zone, and all laws relating to the rendition of fugtives from justice as between the several States and Territories of e United States, shall extend to and be considered in force m the Canal Zone, and for such urposes and such purposes only the Canal Zone shall be considered} and treated as an organized Teg-iter); otrnre United Stntes. hl dw 1:0.1. atintimeo warinw'chtheUnitedStatesshall be """" engaged, or when, in the opinion of the President, war is imminent, igligxlwqm such officer of the Army as the President may designate shall, upon the order of the President, assume and have exclusive authority and gurrsdiction over the operation of the Panama Canal and all of its adjuncts, appendants, and appurtenances, including the entire control and dgovernment of the Canal Zone, and du a continuance of such ,,g' ‘°}°,,'§,_"‘ con tion the governor of the Panama Canarlxgrall, in all respects and ° ' particulars as to the operation of such Panama Canal, and all duties, matters, and transactions affecting the Canal Zone, be subject to the order and direction of such omcer of the Army. Sm. 14. That this Act shall be known as, and referred to as, the '““°·"°· Panama Canal Act, and the right to alter, amend, or repeal any or all of its provisions or to extend, modify, or annul any rule or regulation made under its authority is express y reserved. Approved, August 24, 1912. cma1·.so1.4.Aa seeming i rausnroraesu ofthsArm more A "·"”· Escal year ending June thirtieth, hundred and and for oars: pur- PORB. Be it enacted the Senate and House o Representatives o the United States of Aw in Congress assembled?. That the followiiifg sums be, ¤.$.{"" ‘”"""" and they are hereby, appropriated, out of any mono in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the suplport of the grmy for the year ending June thirtiet , nineteen hundre and thirteen. Commenxcms or run Amrr: For all contingent expenses of the A°m*;*;f*¤¤¤¤°*••°'“*• Army not otherwise provided for, and embracing all branches of the milita service, including the omce of the Chief of Stalf, to be exponds? under the immediate orders of the Secretary of War, twenty- ve thousand dollars. orricn or rmt omnr or swan. B:-Q¤• af <¥*·*·¤ ¤¢ Arun Wn Coupon: For expenses of the Army War College ’“"" "" °°“"‘ being for the purchase of the necessatgistatnoncry, typewriters and exchange of same, office, toilet, and d furniture, textbooks, books of reference, scientific and professional papers and periodicals, printing and binding, maps, police utensils emhployment of temporary, technical, or special services, and for all o er absolutely necessary expenses, including twenty-five dollars per month additional toregular com nsation to chief clerk of division for supermtendence of the War Colleege Building, nine thousand dollars. Commemcns iunrraar 11l'FOB.HA'1'ION_ smcnon, Gxmrnu. Srrnrr Cours: For contingent e nses of the military information section, ¤•¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤· General Stad Corps, incluflgiig the purchasqof law books, professional books of reference, professional and techmcal periodicals and newspa rs, and of the military attachés at the United States embassies ansolegations abroad; and of the branch office of information section at Manila, to be expended under the direction of the Secre-