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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 391. 1912. 575 _For additional pay to such officers for le h of service 0 1·¤¤z¤vi¢y. with their current monthly pay, eighteen tlxigtusand nine hiiiidbeilpaanud thirty dollars. asrman aunrsrnn msu. mgptired .;.1m,d For pay of the enlisted men of the Arm on the retired l` Pwmillion one hundred and fifty thousand dhllarsz Promkled, l'l§iih?iii iii>°{l`iiiZ'eme;.,,;,,,. computing length of service for retirement credit for double time for ¥`,§,§§d '°"*°° •*··>¤- foreign S?l'V`I08 8 l;0t0;)8_g'l'V§l1 gpm those who hereafter enlist: And A od um provided , n hlhglht. rovisionshall beso .°°"' °"°'* as to forfeit credit for double time algeady accrued. co Gd umd.

NEOUB. liiaeellaneons.

ger pay offsevengy-live hospital matrons, nine thousand dollars. H°'P*°•* ¤•¤¤¤•· or ay 0 one uperinten ent Nurse Corps, one thousand t "°¤•’°N¤¤‘·¤<¤¤¤¤ hundreil dollars: Provided, That the superintendent shall reccgirle Sggvieddmdmt such allowances of quarters, subsistence and medical care during ‘”°"""°‘”‘ illness as may be prescribed m regulations by the Secretary of War. For one hundred and twenty-five nurses (female), eighty-eight N""’°* thousand dollars. ` For pay of forty-two veterinarians at one thousand seven hundred "€°°"¤•"·¤* dollars each, seventy-one thousand iour hundred dollars. ' For additional pay to such veterinarians for length of service, to I·°°¢°'**¥· be paid with their current monthly pay, thirteen thousand two hune dred and forty dollars. — _ For pay of thirty dental surgeons, at two thousand dollars each, D°¤*·'¤¤¤•¤¤¤~ sixty thousand dollars. For additional pay to dental surgeons for length of service, to be ¤*¤¤¢**¤- pand with their current monthly pay, twelvethousaud dollars. For esa; of thirty acting dental surtgheons, at one thousand eight s,§§§f°' °°“'“* ’“" hundr ollars per annum, fifty-four ousand dollars. d ger pay of contract surgeons, thirteen thousand eight hundred °°““‘•°°*¤¤¤¢°¤·~ o ars. For a of Army a asters’ clerks, one hundred and if -six *’•Y¤·¤*°¤' ¤‘·*¤ thousagdiwo hundred)a§dufifty dollars. _ ty P°¢'p`m` For pay of fifteen Army ({>8é§I!18St61'S, clerks retired, twenty-four thousand seven hundred an ty dollars and iorty-eight cents. For pay of paymasters’ messengers, mneteen thousand dollars. :_"";;'°" For travelin expenses of Army Bxymasteri clerks and expert " """°“" accountant of the Inspector Genera ’s epartment, nineteen thousand 4 five hundred dollars: Promkled, That hereafter Army lpaymasteif Qg&:·_,,0w_¤c¢_ clerks and the expert accountant, Inspector General’s epartrnent, shall receive mileage at the same rates and under the same conditions as is rovided by law for officers of the Army: Promded further, ·That mlggggvglggiw herealfter the age limit for the retirement of Army paymasters’ clerks shall be the same as the age limit for the retirement of commissioned officers of the Army. _ _ _ _ _ _ For expenses of court.s»mart1al, courts of mq_uu·y, military commis- <><>¤¤*¤¤¤¤·¤· M- sions, and compensation of reporters and witnesses attendmlgi the same, thirt -’rive thousand dollars: Provided fI`hat hereafter e sted ’E,,"',,,""'*,,, ,,, ,,,,_ men may lie detailed to serve as stenograplnc reporters for general mentor mm courts-martial courts of inquiry, military commissions, and retirmg boards, and while so servinghshall receive extra (gay at the rate of not exceeding five cents for eac one hundred wor taken m shorthand and transcribed, such extra pay to be met from the annual appro- A priation for expenses of courts-martial, and so forth: _ _ Om mmm For additional pay to officer in charge of pubho buildings and md;. ,,,`p_c_“"” grounds at Washington, District of Columbia, one thousand ollars. For commutation of quarters to commissioned officers, dental sur- U.,..,¤,¤.,.m,¤ 0; geons, and veterinarians on duty without troops at stations wher; §¤¤*”°”· °“°*"·