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576 sixTY.s1¤o0Nn comssss. sm 11. cn. sm. 1912. tihelre are no public quarters, four hundred and seventy thousand o ars. ""•'°*·¤“'*°"”*°¤- For travel allowance to unlisted men on discharge eight hrmdred J,.,.,..,...1;11¤1s.n.1.1u zpmuummmmwnm ’ · {g{,•°_¤'{,g'•n*;,;g*°”;· (iron;} the exeiept by Jay of p lE»:na1: ‘ offense e shall be entitled to trmsggrtation in lnnd and subsistence fromtheplaceofhmdrschargeto uplaoeo{hisenHstment,orto such other place withm_the continen limits of the United States ·····=···· ·»· ·~·· “1.'£ 1l1dy¤ch“largewt,$:}>hcewbwhft.ll8enl1s'd]sunt.neniz:° £‘1.i‘§§°°.1‘¥;.U.?"“1»‘.§""' "‘° o o ; gmum" m` he rnay be furnish with transportation in kindeaud for » * tears ard 2 2‘··1.1.,,,.,*‘**>1,··§.i:.·*·· °‘s**’%.:e· *°P’:r:·1‘..°¤*·m:·¤*· or·,1n euo suc nansu ten, ,‘ egelcitas, receive we a or sea trfwvelf from the pix °'°“'•*•*°¤'¤·°Forclo notdrzwndgtoemlisted in l ‘ - um thmsd u men on discharge, six hun ¤¤•¤¤¢¤¤¤•¤¤¤¤ For interest on soldiers’ dep:ar1s' , hundred d mm mum dollars, and so much as may necgdzry to payhlllack su - For paymof translator and librarian of military information section, eral Staff Corps, one thousand eight hundred dollars. ¤¤¤••¤¤¤¤¤¤¤= For gay goexperét Eccohulnntant har the Inspector Gener-al's Departnmn , o uaan ve ollare, mn v.·¤•-cc-: Forextra ay-toenlisted I ed gxtygd · ""“""“" ::..m·.:;E,’··~,*···.,..,.··zyr;~&§¤m*'·#t.,1d*"·“s;:d-*1%f§“,.,.,,*`·*y'm , as svn gasiéggmagolng, ten thousand nine hundred and) ty-twd °"*{°‘“’°”° °’°’· For extra pay enlisted men emplo ed extra d 14111- mn immmmm board operators at each t oi, themllrmy eleilygnlthzilsand W three hundred and 81X!7]•I11Il.6 dolfa: and seventy-five cents. _,,,°e*’“**_ °•¤•· • ·· Forextragaytoenhstedmenof the1ineof theA1myandtoen1j¤¢ed gm °f the 18¤¤l Corps employed m the Territory of Alaska on the d askan cable and telegraph system, for penods o_ not less than ten dam, at the rate of thirty-five cents per day, tlurty-two thousand ’f“°•¢°*° °¤°•¤· Forinile etooflicers dental rgems te ‘ ‘ Twmw M- surgeons, wlgen authorized by lag; ve h g$ahdu¢iiol’l0ali·il·°t dn mmtgm or addmonal ten per centum increase on pa of officers on fore' service two hundred d h usan {lm lgn ¤“*¤¤ ¤¤¤ For additional twently ihcreagedrfn pa. of enlisted m sl a' ”'°'“.p`puaa. la ,‘i,‘g°'§'@ ¤°'”°°» ¤°'¤¤ h¤¤41‘¤¢1 md fifty thousand clollam; 1>m,,3;? Qual zm, sa. thereafter the laws allowing increase of pay to officers and enjjsmf lgauamm fo:. fgllsgwszuxvmri 1:2 gt °pPlY *° °°”i<>¤ i¤ the Canal zone 1 or o ico. ’ °°“"'"°" hggvgagogigne computer for Artillery Board, two thousand Eve I"' °’ “"°‘“'°· For payment oof exchange b ecial disb ming iDz:£‘{tmt§1;tE*"i:I8 il! ;°$l€1iy°:l;¤l?!'i€$, when·§;?gctiall§»tei11;‘it1l’¢:i-il, Pa Dipmmwt Sgt-Y.° . mb? th°PP°°*¤l d18b\11'¤i¤g Gguuts of the ¤:¤:··..;::1··»· lie =¤¤·i=¤·¤·=¤ ·Yi$ ·¤T1’k¢?¤”.l‘.T‘ '1“n?,¥.°“£’°"“”,,,,,· I can la. . P a ll 8 A 2£?t§am‘“a%&“:“.,1d*,*l*;¤.;%ag.:M~·¤¤¤~·`$i·¥»‘1`¥?¤··»»··‘?~¢¢?»°%’»‘f P"' F three thy ’ ` - . . ¤»·—· ·······-··-···-L as (pleriod 0}“°rt‘m, ¤Z.‘}.‘i‘J.‘§'§'},£“§I€s°€}‘?1*f.$hZ“°“ ’?°"1‘“E§‘;g "“*‘*“

 ~··-· ““r‘$; ‘§1‘2’§‘.‘.§1‘,‘5{,,‘?=*.;“.;_’,,§**{’,,*’*°··¤·¤<* <*·~¤=¤· 'g° rim ” °“1‘“‘

VOID! etc. _ · • hstedthemen who die whil¢?Iin_£:grv¢ti0 v(;f> ;·°°r d en. no result of their own mrsconduct, sixty thousand dollars