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SIXTYYSECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 391. 1912. 577 For additional pa to officers below the grade of ma'o ur] 0¤¤¤¤¤ fuminhmz be mounted and who furnish their own mounts, ond llurxidred antd mmm eigihty thousand dollars. _ or amount r uired to make monthl a ent to Jenni ’°"'“° °""“· wrdow of James fgarroll, late ma'or and United Stat:sC§£’ vol. wl F lm as (per Act of Congress approved] May twenty-third, nineteen hundred anF eight, one thousan ve hundred dollars. _ or amount requ1red' to make monthl a ent to Mabel H. “‘°°1 E L“°"'· Laqear, widow of Jesse W. Lazear late s1u·geon, voumhmi United States Army, as per Act of Congress a. proved May twenty- th1Ir_·d, mneteeo hundrg and eg ht, one dzllhousaug five hundred dollars. or amoun requuj to e mon a ents of one hundred - dollars to John Kissinger, late of Cor¥ipIi111§·mD, One hundred and `iiiiiilsif p$j1:i%l‘u' Efty-seventh Indiana Infantry Volunteers, also late of the Hospital Coi;-ps, United States Army, one thousand two hundred dollars. or Porto Rico Re%ment of Infantry, composed of two battalions mgiiii r»i'r£°¤y¥°'i' of four comtganies eac : · Pay of officers, sixty-five thousand seven hundred dollars. °“‘°°'* For additional pay—for length of service, ten thousand dollars.` ’ “°“¤°"*Y· Pay of enlisted men, one. undred and thirty-eight thousand nine ”"“"°""'°“· hundred and sixty dollars. ° Additional pay for length of service, thirty-five thousand dollars. “"’$°'“7· rrrrmrrmm scorrrs. ?¤*“P¤*¤•=¤¤¤¤¤- For pay of odioersz For fifty-two captains, one hundred and twenty- °°°°"‘ four thousand eight lnmdred dollars. °i%¢;rtp:y of grim-four first heutenants, one hundred and twenty- or pay of sixty-four second lieutenants, one hundred and e' t thousand eight hundred dollars. > lgh For pay of twelve majors, in addition to pa as captain, six hundred dollars each, seven thousand two hundred dollars. Additional pay for length of service, onghty-mne thousand eight ¤>¤¤=*i¢1· hundred and ten dollars. · For pa of enlisted men, five hundred and eighty-five thousand ¤¤¤•¢•¤ mwfour h\111J;€d and eighty-two dollars and forty cents. For additional play for length of service, sixty-Eve thousand dollars. ¤°¤••'**!· All the money ereinbefore appropriated for pay of the Army and ru mma miscellaneous, except the atgpropriation for mnleag of officers and contract surgeons when au orized by law, shall disbursed and accounted for by officers of the Pay Department as pay of the Army, and_for that purpose shall constitute one_fund: Provided, That sec- €§{,‘§,,‘Z*,,, ,,,_,,,,,,,, tion thirty-six hundred and twenlty Revrsed Statutes, as amended ;fng:_{_•¤w¤¤¤ ver by the Act of Congress approved ebruary twenty-seventh,rg‘1§hteen a.s.,m¤¤¤,p.m. hundred and seventy-eeven, shall not construed as p udmg Army paymasters from drawing checks m favor of the person_or institution designated by indorsement made on his monthly pay account by any officer of the Army if the pay account has been deposited for payment on maturity in conform1ty_with such rolgulatrons mum L as the Secretagy of War may prescribe: Promdadfurther, t {poi- *"’“‘°" ment by the nited States of a check on the mdorsement o e indorsee specified on the pay account shall be a full acqurttance for the amount due on the pay account. mmh wut mw EQUIPMENT or Coast A1rrn,r.mar Amronms, Oncamznn Mufrrraz 1,,, There is hereby made available and the same shall remain available °r§&¤1v¤¤¤¢ ¤¢ ·~¤¤- until the end of the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, the U mum unexpended balances of any appropriations heretofore made for v§_‘§,_,,_1m°°‘ dummy guns and mortars; mounts or dummy guns mortars; dummy ammunition; loading appliances; range and positron Hndmg