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40 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Rm. 8. 1911. °°¤·¤¤¤¤¤¤- "Article XIX of the constitution, as adopted by the electors of New Mexico 'at an election held on the twenty-first dag of January., anno Domini nineteen hundred and eleven, be, and e same is ereby, amended so as to read as follows: annie xix an “‘ABTIOLE XIX. ‘“AIENDMENT. A¤¤e¤¤¤ ¤ " ‘Sncrr0N 1. Any amendment or amendments to this constitution wm M Pm may be proiposed in either house of the legislature at any regular session thereo ; and if a majority of all members elected to each of the two houses voting separately shall vote in favor thereof, such proposed amendment or amendments shall be entered on their respective journals with the yeas and 11113 thereon. mmm et aa " "1`he secretalrysplf state sh cause any such amendment or amend- “°°‘ ments to be u ed in at least one newspaper in every county of the State, wliere a newspaper is (published once each week, for four consecutive weeks, in an Spanish when newspapers in both of said l&¤g¤¤8¤¤ are pub ed in such counties, the last publication to be not more than two weeks prior to the election at whic 1 time said amendment or amendments shall be submitted to the electors of the · State for their sppiepval or rejection; and the said amendment or messes. amendments sh voted upon at the next regular election held in said State after the adjournment of the legislature proposing such amendment or amendments, or at such special election to be held not less than six months after the adjoumment of said legislature, at such mennem time as said legislature may by law provide. If the same be ratified by a majority of the electors voting thereon such amendment or amendments shall become part of this constitution. If two or more amendments are proposed, thefy shall be so submitted as to enable

 the electors to vote on each 0 them separately: Provided, That no

,,,§{}f§}§, ,,§,§?,§{,§',$,§ amendment shall apgly to or affect the provisions of sections one 2,•‘g‘§_j_*;;;){l¤¤¤¤L•·•¤¤ and three of Article II hereof, on elective franchise, and sections ' .eight and ten of Article XII hereof, on education, unless it be proposed by vote of three-fourths of the members elected to each house and be ratified by a vote of the people of this State in an election at which at least three-fourths of the e ectors voting in the whole State and at least tv£o·thirdjs of those voting in each county in the State shall vote or suc amen ment. calmness te ve- "‘Sec. 2. Whenever, during the first t~venty-five years after the '*’°°°'“""““°"‘ adoption of this constitution, the legislature, by a three-fourths vote of the members elected to each house, or, after the ex iration of said period of twenty-five years, by a two·thirds vote oi) the members elected to each house, shall deem it necessary to call a convention to revise or amend this constitution, they shal submit the question of calling such_convention to the electors at the next general election, and if a rnayorig of all the electprs voting on such question at said election in the tate shall vote in favor of calling a convention the legislature shall, at the next session, provide by aw for calling the Rnmwm b same. Such convention shall consist of at least as many delegates we ,,q..,,,,d_ ’ ’°° as there are members of the house of representatives. The constitu- {:;:1 ad<{)pte;lmbiy';uchdcon€?i1;:;og1 salall av? no validity until it has n su uu an rat e eo e. ,°Rg*j;ffgd°g;•;j " ‘S¤c. 3. lf this constitutionybe inp ari way so amended as to me vow emmcm. allow laws to be enacted bgedirect vote of e_electors the laws which may be so enacted shall _ _ only such as might be enacted by the { I legislature under the provisions of this constitution. xx['°"*““¤ *" °° Sec. 4. When the United States shall_consent thereto, the 1egislature, by a majority vote of ,the members in each house, may submit