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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ras. 8. 1911. 4:]. to the le the question of amending an rovision of Article XXI of thisicbongtitution on compact with e States to the extent allowed by the Act of Congress permitting the same, and if a majorit of the qualified electors who vote upon any such amendment shah vote in favor thereof the said article shall be thereby amended accordingly. ' " ‘Sr:c. 5. The provisions of section one of this article shall not be ,f§$,g§{;,}{g,; gg changed, altered, or abrogated in any manner except through a ilon one. gen;`1ial,convention called to revise this constitution as herein provic . ’ Sec. 4. That the robate clerks of the several counties of New ?'*“°““¤ °“ '“*" Mexico shall provide Separate ballots for the use of the electors at said mlm amendment first State election for the purpose of voting upon said amendment. Said separate ballots shall be printed on paper of a blue tint, so that they may be readily distinguished from the white ballots provided for the election of county and State officers. Said separate ballots P’°°°d‘“’°· shall be delivered only to the election officers authorized by law to receive and have the custody of the ballot boxes for use at said election and shall be delivered by them only to the individual voter and only one ballot to each elector at the time he offers to vote at the sai general election, and shall have the initials of two election officers of ezipposite political plarties written by them upon the back thereof. Sai separate ballot s all not be marked either or or against the said amendment at the time it is handed to the elector by the election oflicer, and if the elector desires to vote upon said amendment, the ballot must be marked by the voter, unless 18 shall request one of the election officers to mark the same for him, in which case such election officer so called upon shall mark said ballot as such voter shall request. Any elector receivinv such ballot shall return the same be ore leaving the polls to one of the election judges, who shall immediately deposit the same in the ballot box whether such ballot be marked or not. No ballots on said amendment except those so handed to said electors and so initialed shall be deposited in the ballot box or counted or canvassed. Said separate ballots shall have éirinted thereon the 'proposed amendment in both the English and the punish language. here shall be placed on said ballots two blank squares with dimensions of one-half an mch and op osite one of said squares shall be printed in both the English and this Spanish lan age the words "For constitutional amendment," and opposite tile other blank square shall be printed in both the English and Spanish language the words "Against constitutional amendment." Any elector desiring to vote for said amendment shall mark his "°"“°¤ °°“°'“· ballot with a cross in the blank square opposite the words "For constitutional amendment," or cause the same to be so marked by an election office. as aforesaid, and any elector desiring to vote against said amendment shall mark his ballot with a cross in the b rmk square opposite the words "Against constitutional amendmeut," or cause the same to be so marked by an election officer as aforesaid. SEQ. 5. That said ballots shall be counted and canvassed by said c“"“’°"°"°"‘ election officers, and the returns of said election upon said amendment shall be made by said election officers direct to the secretary of the Territory of New Mexico at Santa Fe, who, with the governor and chief justice of said Territory, shall constitute a canvassing board; and they, or any two of them, shall meet at said city of Santa Fe on the third Mondav after said election and shall canvass the same. _ lf a majontiyeof the legal votes east at said election upon said amend- °""“"“‘ ""’““‘ ment shall in favor thereof, the said canvassingrboard shall forth- m"°”°l" with certify said result to the governor of the erritory, together Wlfh the statement of votes cast upon the question of the ratification P chmmon by or rejection of said amendment; whereupon the governor of said geviiner.