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PUBLIC ACTS OF THE SIXTYSECON D CONGRESS 0I' TBI UNITED STATES Passed at thesecond session, whichwas begun and held at the city of Washington, in the District of Cbbumbia, on Mbndaxz the fourth dai; of December, 1911, and was aayourned wzthout day on llfonday, t twenty-sixth y of August, 1912. Wn.uA1u HOWARD TAm, President; Jnnzs Scuoommm SHERMAN, Vice President; C11Am.1=:s Cmrns, President of the Senate pro tempore, December 5 to 12, 1911; Aueusros O. BA00N, President of the Senate pro tempore, January 15 to 17, March 11 and 12, April 8, May 10, 30, and 31, June 1 to 3, June 13 toJuly 5, August 1 to 10, and from end of session to December 16, 1912; JAooa H. GALLINGE President of the Senate pro tempore, February 12, 13, and 14, April 26 and 27, Illia 7, July 6 to 31, and August 12 to end of session; Fmxx B. Bmxnmnn, President oi, the Senate pro tempore, March 25 and 26, 1912; HLNBY Canofr Lonem, President et the Senate pro tempore, May 25, 1912; Cnmr CLARK, Speaker of- the House of Representatives; J OSHUA W. Annxmnim, Speaker of the House of Representatives pro tempore, July 1, 1912. CHAP. 1.-An A T ’ ' D•¤•¤¤b¢¤‘¤ ml- North American ct 0 provide a mutable memonal to the memory of the [E LET,] {revue, es. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Con ress assembled, That there may be erected, without expense to the Suited States Government, by Mr. Rodman ¤gr•g*;g*,':.*N{$,·Y‘gli; Wanamaker, of New York City, and others, on a United States reser- mm:. vation, in the harbor of New York, in the State of New York, and upon a site to be selected by the Secretary of War and the Secretary o the Navy, a suitable memorial to the memory of the North Amer~ ia; kms; ,,, ,1 · f ,, .,, ml. s Ec. 2. hat for e rpose of carryin out_t e rovisions o t is *1: °°°’:• · Act a commission, conmsrgng of the chairmgn of the Committee on the c° W-man' m Library of the United States Senate, the chairman of the Committee on the Library of House of Representatives, the Secretary of War, the Secreta of the Navy, and Mr. Robert C. Ogden, of the city of New York, lshall be created, with full authority to select a suitable design, and to contract for and superintend the construction of the said memorial, the desi of the memorial to be subject to the approval of the Commission of Niine Arts. Approved, December 8, 1911. CHAP. 2.-An A Pmvid‘ for the unishment of persons in gaesion oi Deesmbermum. stolen property in tif: Districtngl Columba having stolen the same any other State or Territory. [Public, No. 41.] Be it enacted by the Senate and HOUSGQ/"R'm6867lbG¢1$D68 of the United States of America in Congress assembled, t Subchapter II Ch8p· c£’;‘"°°°‘°°l“mhl' tor XIX, of the Code of Law for the District‘of Columbia be, and ven. sa. v- 1¤5. the same is hereby, amended b adding thereto a new section, to be °°`° gnlpwn as section eight hundred, and thirty-sixa, which shall read as o ows: “SE¤. 836 a. Any rson who b the commission outside of the Dis- ?"“"§‘§§§‘° '°' trict of Columbia of airy act which, if committed within the District grrr ¤¤¤• Digg ot Columbia, would be a criminal oiiense under the laws of said District, thereby obtains any property or other thing of value, and is ‘ 45