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46 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H.- Cris. 2-5. 1911. afterwards found with anglguch property or other such thing of value in his possession in said trict, or who brings any such property or other such thing of value into said District, shall, upon conviction, be punished in the same manner as if said act had beencommitted wholly within said District.” · Approved, December 21, 1911. December 1911- CHAP. 8.-An Act Extending the time fra payment of balance due on pur-

 erm price of s ea-an me ct nm.

No. M Be it enacted the Senate and .House of of the United "‘J{,}‘_*° °""'¥" States { America in Gmgress assembkd hat the balance due the “‘l`¤LM•¤· 1>- M- United tates for the land purchased by the Grand Lodge of Ancient nm simmer me and Accepted Masons of the State of Oklahoma, under the (pro~

  • "V"""‘°“"""'°‘· visions of the Act roved January thirty-first, nineteen hun red

r and ten_ (Public, Nu;1%red ’hventy-nine), may be 'd in five equal . annual installments, be ninislt the timethe seconclzhnual pa ent, _ underthe orignnalpuruge, s l become due, with interest at gw: per centum per annum. _ Approved, December 21, 1911. .' ['“._.'¤¤—'”=E¤ E . r£i,f_§.’.;.$;.‘i.”..{‘.¥‘.d‘:.‘.*i?“élL‘°·&.,”§.F*..¤°” rr,“‘f*’..,*"'°“..‘1f¤"’° *°‘ &.‘Z."'¤‘i'.$" Be itenadedby the8enote ndHouseo,f of t/le United ir`:ii°‘ile,°°:' ms, States of America in Lbnqrelslsaaunsbled, That section sixty-seven of “{,;}‘g§°-su,_wu,_ the Act approved March third, nineteen hundred and eleven, to codify, arggise, andthamend the laws relating to the judiciary be amended by hunt umm “1ngat_ e end of said section the following. _ _ _ ecmemusn myss , That no such person at resent holding a position or g,,”,1"‘°" ‘° ‘“”‘°* employment in a circuit court shall be delmarred from sunilar a intv¤•t¤¤m . . . . PIP , meuiittor emplgymgnt nn the district court suoceeding to such circuit co ]¥l1'l@0 on. Approved, December 21, 1911. D•°¤¤5¤‘¤ im- CHAP. 5.-An Ac!. To amend and xeenact aragnph twent —four f tic _.£E£_.c ey-: rcna me ·us4··p ··y· °°°°” [nous, se. an.] ghzsvliainotglzdng tgwthe judidhlryégtappmvedonu In Actme xg Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representati the U 'ted ‘l·`Zi,1°°2§,°"§,}Y‘ mt States of America in Congress assembled, That paragraigh (zventyzlhur “*}y_g,°é“m 0, at of section twenty-four of Chapter Two of an Act entitled "An Act ummm to codify, revise, and amend the laws relatini to the judicinryf approggl Marci thug, n;n§teen hundred an eleven, is hereby amen so as as 0 ows: meas means MO; an wtiong- uns, · · I · th . h -m-` pers¢zn,fip vgioledorsin paftrol) Indian gloolllvdr descent; men o an un erany aw or treaty. . I ”°°*°*‘*°°’°"· ‘:And the judgment or decree of ch com-L f { claimant to an allotment of land sheallfhgalhe the eagle dilgdtfwllildh properly certified to the Secre of the Interior ' llndlgxnqxet tary y as If such allotment had befn allowed and approved by him; but this provision Flshall not_a_pp yrto any lands now or heretofore held by either of the Pm.- V6 _ _ ribas, the Osage Njatron of Indians, nor to any of the lands within the Qu Ind · ‘ awean. , _ if-WW 1811 Agency. Pfomded That the · nghtofappealshall beal1owedtoeitherpartyasin0thei·cases." Approved, 21, 1911._ · -