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50 SIXTY—SECOND QONGRESS. Sm. _II. C16. 1911. ‘ riod all other census work authorized and directed by law includ- Pa construction and repair of ¢I»1’d•Pl11'1GlZI.l.?, card-sorting, cardta ulatang macnmeiy, and technical an mechanical services m connection therewith purchme, rental, construction, ispur and exchange of mechameal appliances, five hundred thousan dollars. ¤¤•¤¤ i ¤*¤*· nmmav or rraimnms. ards

  • “*“°'*** ""°"" F l th ltrutio ofafirepmoflaboratorytopmviele

°°Vi¤.¤.».1¤¤. addlltliocnzllabgggwry (yprdlee aliithlirized by Act of Congress approved glarch fou(§tl-nlhgineteen hundred and eleven, one hundred and fifty 0 o . ‘ ¤¤••¤<*¥•¤· nunmu or Luzon. ¤¤··¤q¤••·¤¤.•·¤· F di ‘ li t bsistenee f. ialageufsandernploees ‘ whil:rgveli•1§’<l:1 ¢$; gray homltllieiiplicomes and outside ofy the i?.l‘e’3}°.£°m*°°'p“.’33t‘li20’¥I‘ Z¤’3‘§.¥2L§£l%'J$i“°.xwe°°”“*;L’é°Z¤?$‘I¥s»?.?$ 2.;'$“£.“°°...u.’ ““...d ‘°E¤,,,..°'“`l£"£.“g ?i"’°“°°°t.ri.r.°*r‘?‘Z°1;” "“"r‘é§"*’1‘.l’Ei..$L’“d o an r e repo an ms of th? of Labor, and fordsubvention to International lion or ur ation an necessary expenses conn wi

ofLBg:|'United States Government therein, twenty

= usan o . mnnnvu. OUT OF 'I‘HE POSTAL REVENUES. Prdhst in 1¤¤¤ Forpayoffreigbtor ressageon cards etaiupedenvelopes anu"` newspaper wrappers, ani? empty year nineteen hun; dred and eleven, forty-seyeu thousand and ve dollam. WSW, I ¤¤¤¤• ¤·¤· For mlaud transportation by star routes, year mneteen hundred and eleven, seventeen thousand dollars. “""“"‘* _ LEGISLATIVE. ¤¤•¤•· sznarn. ’"'“"‘°· For mileage of Senattgrs for cfhie Eecond session of the Sixty-second Ocrxnss o -eeven thousand dollars. m*g¤`;f{u¤£¤¤;·*;_•d*;¤: e of the Senate is hereby authorized and directed to semen., EEE Morris K. Harrelson, clerk to the Honorable Hoke Smith, of h xlgxai froim°1Novembe§ inépuegteengi $:1 Deceimger therdhnineteen una re an even; an am . r t t bl Obadiah Gardner, of Maine, from Octobeiilrfiitthoto D(;C0l$1b6l?I;gIll81;’tbT nineteen hundred and eleven, for clerical services rendered, from the appropriation for salaries·to clerks, messengers and others in the tamu serlgzcergggllpz Sgnlqgzgorghglnsdlggl yiearlpmelteeln and twelve. · , ve un re o . · ¤v¤¤r;¤¤¤¤•. _ For expenses of inquiries and investigations ordergds by the Senate mcludmi compensation to stenographers to committees, at such rate

isn§1ayEe fixed b§ tllgle (éomrpittie tto Audit sgréd Control the Conen xpenses o e ena e, u t d

i twenty-five cents per printed page, tvs?e;)nt;§$e tllrigugzijritd dglilairgnd m§“§§§g;"é,{!:E,‘;,§,{ That the t:lI'(1B'lH which the commission to investige to the matter of pigieeon comme employers’ liability and workmen’s compensation, created under joint Tm { resolution approved June twentydifth, nineteen hundred and ten m,de§_ °’ “’P°” °* shall be required to report through the President to Congress, is v¤,p;»se¢.1315 hereby extended to an including the first day of March, nineteen hundred and twelve.