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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 6. 1911. 49 No claim for arrears of a , bount or other allowances ro *·*¤*** *°* ******8 out of the service of Veluntgeh who seiired in the Army of thegU1iii;d cum States during the Civil War shall be received or considered by the accounting officers of the Treasury unless filed in the otiiee of the Auditor for the War Department on or before December thirty-Hist, . nineteen hundred and twelve: Provided, That hereafter no agent or {?Q‘_.{,'?°% ,,,0,.,,m attorney shall demand or accept, for his services in connection with P'°*¤i*°*°°5· the prosecution of claims for arrears of ay, bounty, or other allowances due on account of the services during the Civil War of an oflicer or enlisted man of the Regular or Volunteer Armies of the United States, filed after the passage of this Act, any fee for any services rendered in connection therewith. Whoever shall violate Y¤¤*¤**¤¤¤**¤*- this provision upon conviction shall be punished by a fine of not exceeding five `hundred dollars or imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months, or both, and shall be disbarred from practice before the Treasury Department. For payment 0 amounts for arrears of pay and allowances on W¤"'*°** $P•*¤·°°°· account of service of officers and men of the Army during the War with Spam and m the Philippine Islands that may be certified to be due by the accountinig officers of the Treasury during the fiscal year nineteen hundred an twelve and that are char eable to the appro- Snlaiticns that have been carried to the surplus Iund, eight thousand 0 ars. N 0 claim for arrears of a , bount , or other allowances win *:*¤¤** *°*‘ . ******8 out of the service of Volun&eL who se}i·ved in the Army of thelllonited mm States during the War with Spain shall be received or considered by the accounting officers of the reemury imless Bled in the office of the Auditor for the War Department on or before December thirty-first, nineteen hundred and fourteen. . For unveiling and dedicatinv the Columbus Memorial, and for each ,,,$fl“mb“” M°”"* and every purpose connected therewith, including erectindg and taking p£<j;;*¤¤**°¤ ¢¤· down stands, and placing the grounds in sightly con ition, to be available until expended, two thousand five hundred dollars.


onrmruu. LAND orrrca. *’“*’***`*"'“**· CONTINGENT EXPENSES OF LAND OFFICESZ To l`0llT\l)l1l'SB iillé ll.]')~ (tentiugcntczrpe-n=~··. gropriation for contingent expenses of land offices, fiscal year nineteen dFA',j,{’c_ ’fd§,,,§,_" " " ' undred and twelve, for emergency disbursements requrred to be made therelrom in order to restore the public property and important records of the United States land office at Coeur <l’Alene, Idaho, destroyed by fire on October twenty-first, nineteen hundred and eleven, as set forth in House Document Numbered Three hundred and seven of the present session of Congress, five thousand seven hundred and twenty-five dollars and eighty-five cents. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. ,,,gY*"‘°"°"° °‘ J"' Fot‘ the reimbursement of the appropriation entitled "Protecti¤ Rf§Q,§;‘§‘]',§,,d ,§f;§*;,§f‘° Public Lands, Timber, and so fortlifniiieteen hundred and twelve? covering the costs of abstracts required in the proposed suits in California involving lands valuable for mineral, which were (patented to the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, three thousand ollars. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND LABOR. ,,,§$§‘§§$‘K§,§S°m` crzxsrs orrrcm. °°““S Om"` _FOI' salaries and necessary expenses for preparinglfor, taking, 00131- s“’°"°S""”‘ piling, and publishing the Thirteenth Census of the United States, rent of office quarters, for carrying on during the decennral census