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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cris. 9-11. 1912. 53 entitled "An Act to codify, revise, and amend the laws relating to the 'udiciary/’ be amended so as to read as follows: "Sr:c. 118. There shall be in the second, seventh, and eighth ,,,0**%;**,,* J¤°¤ •·'* circuits, respectively, four circuit judges; in the fourth circuit, two ` circuit judges; and in each of the other circuits three circuit judges, to be a pomted blylthe President, bty and with the advice and consent _ of the Senate. ey shall be enti ed to receive a salary at the rate °'°"l°°’ '“'°°°°°‘ of seven thonplspil dollars a hlyleaxls each, paygile monthly.d Each Sem i mma circuit 'u e resi e wit circuit. e circuit u ges in °° “ ° each shall be judges cr the circuit court et appealb iii that °°`““°‘°"°"‘ circuit, and it shall be the duty of each circuit judge in each circuit to sit as one of the judges 0 the circuit court o ap eals in that circuit from time to time according to law: Promkled, ghat nothing §'{‘,,'?°§"},,,u__ in this section shall be construed to prevent a.ny circuit judge holding district court or sewing in the commerce court, or otherwise, as provided for and authorized in other sections of this Act." Approved, January 13, 1912. Jumsry 11. 1912. CHAP. 10.-An Act To rovide for the transfer of certain causes and proceedings {H- R- 13**] to the southern division of the middle district of Alabama. [Public. Nc. 66.] _Be it enacted the Senate and House o Re esentatives o the United States of Amerigl in Congress assembled, all civil causbs and pro- lgHb°‘l°}. l5‘iZ§':'. ceedings now pending in the circuit or the district court of the United "*$%’:,"f,§’i,c,,,.,,,,‘ States for the middle district of Alabama. which arose in either of the cues. counties now embraced in the southern division of the middle district v°l‘ °°‘ " °°' of Alabama, as established in the Act a proved March seventh, nineteen hundred and eight, entitled "An Act to provide for circuit and district courts of the United States at Dothan, Alabama," shall, upon the application of either party, be transferred to the said southern division of the middle distinct of Alabama for trial and disposition. Approved, January 17, 1912. January 17, 1912. Ch.AP._11.—An Act To amend the Code of Law for the District of Columbia lH·R·_f”§7;]__ regarding insurance. [Public-, No. 56.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House q4_Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section six hundred and c°lQ,l;°'*°‘°'°°'““”“ forty-six, chapter eighteen, Code of Law for the District of Columbia, Insurance ccmpebe and the same is hereby, amended b insertin after the semi- ‘“$;';,i_ SL ,,_ ucc, colon in line twenty the words "and suclii other iniormation as said ¤¤°¤d°d· superintendent may require," so as to read: (Sec. 646. Drrrrns or surnnrnrannnnr, sim so mam.-It shall ,u&;,';‘°""°"' °‘ be the duty of said superintendent to see that all laws of the United nance. States relating to insurance or insurance companies, benefit orders, and associations doing business in_ the District are faithfullly executed; to keep on file in his office copies of the charters, dec arations of '}’,;_P°” ‘° l’° “°“ orgamzatron, or articles of incorporation of every insurance company, benefit association, or order, including life, fire, marine, acc1dent, plate—glass steam-boiler, burglary, cyclone, casualty, hve-stock, credit, and maturity companies or associations doing busin@ m the District ; and before any such insurance company, association, or __f$‘{°m‘{f,2°°"” ‘° order shall be licensed to do business in the District it shall Elo with said superintendent a copy of its charter, declaration of organisation, or articles of incorporation, duly certified in accordance with law by the insurance commissioners or other proper officers of the