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54 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cue. 11-13. 1912. State, Territory, or nation where such company or association was ,,°¤“¤•,%_• °* '*°‘ grganized; ailso a certificate forth tllgat it rsentrtled to ttrltnsact _ ' anassume11sks' 1ssuepoc1esomsurance_ erem ,ug;,,*?,g,•{°°m'°$,_°§_{__•° auudmsiilzsh other infomation as said sgiperintendent may rieguuue; apd · if its princépal office is located outer e §l16_D1StH(;t rt s appomt some suita e person, residmt in said District, as its attomey, upon mm whom legal process may be served: Provided, however, That should ,,;,,··5*,#;=·¤*¤¤•··s.a4 wmgmuf or meemieu neges: <>r_ref¤ee t<> ¤p1i;>m¢.¤¤<ah ¤*'¤°?· ney or s o d such attomey a t from the Ihstnct, said legal process may be serve&upon the superintendent of msurance of ’°°*· the District of Columbia; the fees for wrth the superintendent such papers as are required by this section shall be ten dollars, to be.paid to the collector of taxes, and no other license fee shall be V°*·’¤·PP·’“'”~*’*· uired of such insurance companies or associations except as provrided in sections six hundred and ffty-four and six hundred and

  • “•“‘•**""· fifty-five of this suhcha ter. Said superintendent shall have power

' to make such rules andp regulations, subject to the general su ervr- ‘ sion of the commissioners, not inconsistent law, as to mage the condudt of each company m the same line of insurance conform in — doing business in the District." Approved, January 17, 1912. wz utgrr.?§l;%.£-walssaieégaamme mum tenmmdrecmdtcuretthelevinedsht- Be itemdedbyt7•eSenateandHmreeo qj'the United {**;$?°..$°,*;“*,,}:_ sm {aww as emma mmrzez, mem mimsarea me

  • "*"“**- four oieghe Revised 8Sdtatu¥esugf the United States be, and is hereby,

en as to r o to wit: ,u‘:,Qg_°Q,¤,,•},¤m*g m}‘Sec. Wrils oarror Ydtumable to the Supreme Court or a emu me- of up circuit court of appeals may be issued as well bly the clerks of the ’°¥';,,1;, by ch,]. M district courts, under the seal thereof, asvggetlhe c erk of the Supreme ‘*¤¤*°°°**•· Court or of a circuit court of appeals. so issued thefy shall be as nearly as each case may admit agreeable to the form o a writ of error xszued by the clerk 0 the Supreme Court or the clerk of a circuit court o appeals? Approved, January 22, 1912. Immun lll!. CHAP. 18.-An Act To autborine the construction of a bridge acres the Snake [8- Wil River, between Walla Walla and Counties, in the State of Washington, by [nme, N., ul the Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation Company. sum M Be it enacted_by Senate and House ofllielpresentativea of the United O,,,,,,,,_,Yf{,;,,,€2 States of America in Congress assembled, at the Oregon-Washing

!;• my ton Railroad and Navigation Company, a corporation existin under

auemnseweeswun the laws of the State of Oregon, its successors and assigns, be, and ‘,,§;§§§,,;f‘$,_',§`_““‘” they are hereby, authorized to construct and maintain a bridge and approaches thereto across the Snake River at a point suitable to the interests of navigation from some point on southerly bank of said river in Walla Walla Countg to a pomt on the northerly bank of said V 01 MJ H. river m l3`ranklm County, tate of Washington, in accordance with ` the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to late the construction of bridges over npvigable waters/’ approveldzigarch twenty-third nme een undred an six. A-¤=¤<1¤¤¤¢· Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserved. Approved, January 22, 1912.