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780 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 142. 1913. _cn-meaxma divi- am, su yingendent., $2,000- division of classi£cationj-sup€I1u- ¤?ég1¤ae¤•amunei· tendent?;2,750; chief division of redemption, $2,000; dlV1S1<}¤ of '*'*°“· registered mails——supermtendent, $2,500; clerks-}-mne of class; ciur, twenty-tour ot class three, thuty-six of class two, orty-seven 0 0 one, twenty-eaht at $1,000 etc , eiglitfgn at $900 eacgrésxgiesaengslxi, five assistant messengers; e 1*61*3; P¤g¢» 3 » $240,070. _ . Honey amen 01- 'vision of Mons Orders: Supermtendent, $3,500; chief clerk, "'i°"‘ $23150; c1erks——threZof class four, seven of class three, eleven of class two, eleven of class :;:1;;) ten at_$1,m ten at $900 each; ass1stant r; our rers· in a , , . _ 1’¤¤¤¤ A¤·¤¤*·¤* Omen ouam AB8IB‘1‘A1l'.i° P0s·mas·rsa Gsxmn: Assist- Ecztmnm Gum ant Postmaster General, $5,000; chief clerk, $2,500; division of rural

  • “"" “"“‘ ‘”"" mails-—su tendent $3 000 assistant. superintendent $2000 chief

dm perm , , , » , » _ clerk, $2,000; clerb-wseven of class four, twenty of class three, twenty-two of class two, forty-fonr of class one, forty-three at $1,000 each, ten at $900 each; stenographers-—-one $1,600, one $1,200; two

 assistant messengers; two laborers; two pages,

at $360 e · in $203 . - Did wm 0***- Division oi Dei Letteigagg Superintendent, $2,750; clerk of class M" four, who shall be chief clerk; clerks--five of class four,_eight of class three, ten of class two, tlurty-four of class one, thirty-eight at $1,000 each, thirty-nmeat$900each· messenger; threeasagstantmessengers; fifteen laboregs snx femalgulahoretrgiért $*:8£2eamcl6; in all&$70,030= sappnadtvhien. "°n0 `Z en , ;|$l8 8!1P%I'111— tendent, $2,000; of class four, three of class three, eleven of class two, eighteen of class one, sixteen at $1,000 each, eiggt at $900 each; messeplger; eleven assistant messengers; eighteen , h di 1 lauren; p¤sF.,;300; ¤¤ .§i_>4.100- sz 750 · wm to T¤v¤¤¤·•¤v V- vismno 0 a zopogra el', , ;¤¤¤1S P08· ‘°°“ rapher, $2,000; s l}i·aftsmen-ighr at $1,800 each, four at 3,% erichk seven at tvg,400 each, iitvel; ag] ggw eacgh; exs;rp¤61&;·,

cero ;ma moun , , ;me amc, , ;

copyists of maps-seven at gl,000 cach, four at $900 each; two assistant map mounters, at $720 each; assistant messenger; in all, $51,710. v¤¤¤¤••¤¤•r1>•¤•·•~ `Courmozm Exnssns, Pos! Ormcn Dnranmnm: For stationery sassam. and blank books, index and Fuido cards folders, and binding devices, including amount necessary or the purchase of free penalty envelopes, $30,000. ¤••¤¤¢ v¤•¤¤» ¤¢*· For fuel and repairs to heating, lighting, and power plant, including repairs to elevators, purchase and exchange of tools, and slew tncal supplies, and removal of ashes, $36,000. For gas and electric lights, $350. For telegraphing, $4,000. For painting, $2,000. For purchase, exchange, hire, and kee ing of horses and vehicles, and repair of vehicles and harness, includping the purchase of a motor truck, to be used only for oHicial urposes, $5,000. ¤¤·¤·¤·¤¤¤¤¤ For miscellaneous items, including the purchase, exch e, and repa1r of typewriters, adding machines, and other labor-savinagndevices; street car tickets not exceeding $200; plumbing, floor coverings; postage stamps for correspondence addressed abroad which is not exempt under Article Eleven of the Rome convention of the Univerhpum WM sal Postal Union, the reimbursement of tlie Secretary of the Treasury apglpxmridgiv for expenses incident to the preparation, issue, and registration of the · ·’* ‘ bonds authorized by the Act 0 June twenty-five, ninemsn hundred and ten, $25,000, of which sum not exceeding $3,985 may be e nded for telephone service, and not exceeding $1,500 may be expexigeed for law books, books of reference, railway guides, city directories, books